Reishi Mushroom Extract for Stronger Immunity and Further Longevity

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi Mushroom Extract for Stronger Immunity and Further Longevity

The health effects associated with various types of mushrooms are unquestionable but when it comes to the most beneficial species for purposes of health supplement formulations, experts say that Reishi Mushroom extract is probably the best. The filaments of the Reishi mushroom, along with its fruiting body, have long been used in various settings in the development of medications for various disorders. While scientific researches proving efficiency of the active components of Reishi Mushroom extract are still lacking as most mushroom species, it can be shown through several quantitative studies that the extract may work as claimed. Reishi Mushroom extract supplementation is generally safe for adults but it must be used with caution among individuals allergic to mushrooms.

What is Reishi Mushroom extract?

Reishi Mushroom is among the tastiest varieties of mushroom. It is commonly referred to as Lingzhi mushroom in China and is mostly used for its miraculous effects in enhancing health and wellness. The interest on Reishi Mushroom extract began to increase massively in the year 2000 following discoveries that it may prevent rapid aging and promote longevity. Several studies involving Reishi Mushroom extract were then initiated following such finding which led to the development of other claims on the potential health effects of the extract.

Health Benefits of using Reishi Mushroom extract supplements

Reishi Mushroom extract, according to phytochemical analysis studies, contains high amounts of phytonutrients which contribute to optimum health and wellness. Even in the absence of actual human studies, experts believe that Reishi Mushroom extract may provide the following health benefits to individual users:

  1. It may enhance immunity

Many product manufacturers say that Reishi Mushroom extract is the “secret to immortality” as it strengthens the immune system and boosts the body’s resistance against several forms of disorders. Researches show that polysaccharides found in Reishi Mushroom extract helps enhance immunity through certain patterns which remain unclear among experts. It is also shown to enhance blood flow and prevent unusual growth of body cells which commonly results to development of tumors and cancer.

  1. It may promote optimum liver function

Another important health benefit of Reishi Mushroom extract which is currently subjected to various studies is its effect in promoting optimum liver function. Experts say that the active components of Reishi Mushroom extract effectively reverse damage to the liver brought about by toxic chemicals. It also promotes liver cell regeneration to prevent cirrhotic damage.

  1. It promotes brain cell health

A lot of studies on Reishi Mushroom extract have revealed the efficiency of the extract in promoting brain cell health by eliminating free radicals which interfere with normal nervous system function. Some experts also say that Reishi Mushroom extract increases nerve growth factor which is important in the repair of nerve cells.


As tasty as it is, Reishi Mushroom extract has a lot of amazing health benefits. It must be used, however, within recommended doses to prevent side effects.

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