Remarkable synergizing compound: Naringin


Remarkable synergizing compound: Naringin

On their own, most pharmaceutical compounds are rendered less effective but when combined with other supplements, they produce a powerful effect which can be very useful to individual users. Such is the case when it comes to the citrus flavonoid Naringin. Naringin is included in the formulation of various health supplements for its effects in synergizing the effects of several drugs, especially caffeine. On its own, however, the compound has several established health effects which can also be beneficial to users. There is no exact explanation on how Naringin makes other supplements more potent but when it comes to its individual health effects, some theories establishing mechanisms of action are already made by experts.

What is Naringin?

The compound Naringin in its isolated form appears to be a yellowish powder with molecular structure almost similar to hesperidin. It appears in several food sources but is mainly extracted from the seeds and the peels of grapefruits. Since the isolation of the substance from grapefruit extract, a lot of individuals have once again become interested in the 1940’s fad diet known as the Grapefruit diet. The Grapefruit diet, which provides that eating a grapefruit every day can help individuals lose weight, is now explained by experts to be attributed to the fruit’s Naringin content.

What are the benefits Naringin?

Aside from its synergistic effects, Naringin serves as a potential compound for health and wellness maintenance. Some of the known benefits of Naringin are the following:

  • It May Prevent Cancer

In 2008, a certain study was conducted to determine the efficiency several flavonoids, including Naringin, in preventing cancers of various forms. The research has ended with a conclusion that Naringin, along with the other flavonoids, have anti-tumor properties or the ability to prevent tumor growth. An independent study on Naringin has also found that the compound can help synergize effects of certain chemotherapeutic supplements such as bleomycin and doxorubicin in the first few chemotherapy sessions.

  • It Boosts Metabolism

Weight loss enthusiasts are once again hopeful with the discovery of Naringin as a metabolism-boosting agent. Experts say that the compound enhances metabolism by eliminating toxins and free radicals in the gastrointestinal tract which prevents normal food breakdown and evacuation. When combined with protein-rich diet, Naringin can be a very effective weight loss agent.

  • It may Improve Cardiac Health

Along with promoting fat burn, Naringin is also shown to improve cardiac health by eliminating fatty accumulations in the blood vessels which obstruct with normal blood flow. In a 2004 study, it was also found that the compound helps eliminate LDL’s or bad cholesterol in the blood which contributes to a lot of cardiovascular disorders.


While most of the claims on Naringin are most probably accurate, further studies are still required to fully understand the chemical systems involving the compound. With intensive studies, health practitioners are expecting to discover more of the wonders of the flavonoid Naringin.

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