Rhamnose: The Sugar Compound for Better Skin Health


Rhamnose: The Sugar Compound for Better Skin Health

In general, excessive sugar intake can cause serious health conditions which can produce both short-term and long-term health effects. Recent researches also show that too much sugar can affect healthy skin cell aging and shorten lifespan of many body cells. While most sugars may cause debilitating health effects, there are some sugars which, instead of causing dangerous health effects, promote wellness by enhancing cellular function. Among the essential sugars which are currently popular in the field of medical research is Rhamnose. Having been produced from natural sources, Rhamnose is believed to be safe and effective for everyday consumption. Unlike other sugar types, Rhamnose is found to promote skin cell regeneration, thereby preventing appearance of early signs of aging in the skin. Today, Rhamnose is most well-known as the modern anti-aging sugar.

What is Rhamnose?

Rhamnose is a deoxy sugar type which can be isolated naturally from various plant sources which include Buckthorn and Uncaria. It is also said to be found in a certain species of microalgae. Unlike ordinary sugars like Glucose which cause heightened blood sugar and other resultant health conditions, Rhamnose is primarily useful in health promotion. When introduced in the human body, it is automatically processed and shifted towards skin cells for absorption as it is recognized by the body as a skin cell nutrient. It thus plays its role in enhancing collagen production and preventing skin cell damage brought about by toxins which have lodged in the skin cells. The sugar Rhamnose also helps prevent damage of protein in the skin which usually results to breaks in the skin integrity and occurrence of infections and inflammations.

What are the benefits of using Rhamnose?

Individuals who take health supplements containing Rhamnose claim that it has promoted overall skin cell. It also makes the skin look radiant and glowing. Some other health benefits of Rhamnose health supplements include the following:

  1. It may prevent appearance of wrinkles

Wrinkles usually result from undernourishment of skin cells and the deterioration of normal skin thickness structure. Experts have observed that individuals who take Rhamnose are at a lower risk for development of wrinkles.

  1. It enhances skin elasticity

As a person ages, skin elasticity reduces, resulting to wrinkling. Although the process of aging is unavoidable, studies show that Rhamnose supplementation may be useful in avoiding the effects of aging in the skin.

  1. It promotes skin cell regeneration and resurfacing

Old skin cells which are not replaced by resurfacing new cells cause the skin to appear unhealthy. Rhamnose supplements effectively promote skin regeneration and resurfacing to make the skin appear healthy.


The health supplement ingredient Rhamnose is mostly studied upon for its effects in promoting healthy skin. Other health effects associated with its use are not yet fully understood.

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