Rhizoma coptidis extract: An Effective Therapeutic Cure for Diabetes

Rhizoma coptidis extract

Rhizoma coptidis extract: An Effective Therapeutic Cure for Diabetes

Some forms of cancer can be deadly when not treated immediately, even in the early stages of the disease process. Although chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgical procedures of the affected part are among the most effective remedies, experts say that the use of alternative medicinal herbs through health supplementation is an effective measure to prevent cancer progression. In the recent years, many scientists developed interest over an herbal extract known as Rhizoma coptidis extract. By preventing accumulation of toxic compounds in the body and controlling abnormal cellular mutation, Rhizoma coptidis extract is said to help reduce risk of developing cancer among modern adults. It may also enhance health in various ways as the antioxidants in the extract are observed to have anti-aging effects. Rhizoma coptidis extract supplements are useful to promote longevity among modern individuals.

What is Rhizoma coptidis extract?

Rhizoma coptidis extract is derived from a Chinese traditional treatment known popularly as Goldthread. In the early days, the roots of Goldthread are used in the treatment of gastrointestinal conditions and other parasitic infections. Some of the health claims associated with Rhizoma coptidis extract use have already been proven under scientific measures but limited evidences are available on the aspect of effects on human health as studies are confined only to animal subjects. Many experts believe, however, that the compounds in Rhizoma coptidis extract are very effective in terms of enhancing general health. Today, studies are being conducted to determine the effects of Rhizoma coptidis extract on treating serious and less serious skin conditions like psoriasis.

Health benefits of using Rhizoma coptidis extract

Traditionally known as Huang Lian, Rhizoma coptidis extract is known to be quite beneficial for overall wellness. The herbal extract is derived from the roots of its plant source as the roots are observed to yield highest amounts of essential nutrients. The following are some of the benefits of using Rhizoma coptidis extract:

  1. It may help control sugar levels

Blood sugar levels must be controlled among patients with Diabetes Mellitus as the symptom can result to various serious complications including lack of oxygenation. In various medical researches, experts have observed that patients who take Rhizoma coptidis extract have lowered blood sugar levels after a few doses.

  1. It has antibacterial effects

Experts also say that Rhizoma coptidis extract may work in controlling rapid growth of certain forms of bacteria in the human body. Healthy doses for this purpose are still currently being established.

  1. It may have anti-ulcer effects

Controlling ulcer is an effective measure among patients diagnosed with the condition as it cannot be treated completely. The compounds in Rhizoma coptidis extract are observed to help reduce manifestations of symptoms of ulcer.


There are no reasons to not consider supplementation with Rhizoma coptidis extract. It is safe for use within recommended doses among modern adults.

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