Rhizoma gastrodiae extract: An Anti-aging Extract for Enhanced Mental Health

Rhizoma gastrodiae extract

Rhizoma gastrodiae extract: An Anti-aging Extract for Enhanced Mental Health

Known primarily for its efficiency is possibly treating Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease as well as in preventing nerve cell damage, Rhizoma gastrodiae extract has been one of the most debatable yet quite beneficial health supplement ingredients used in modern health science. Unlike other health supplement ingredients, Rhizoma gastrodiae extract targets not just the gastrointestinal tract, the musculoskeletal system or the immune system but it targets the central control system of the human body which is the nervous system. Many experts say that the effects of Rhizoma gastrodiae extract in preventing central nervous system disorders is associated with its effects in reducing deterioration in brain cells brought about by toxic compound accumulation. The active components of Rhizoma gastrodiae extract effectively detoxify nerves and prevent further damage.

What is Rhizoma gastrodiae extract?

Rhizoma gastrodiae is a Chinese medicinal herb classified as a saprophytic perennial plant. It has been used in the field of alternative medicine for thousands of years in the treatment of manifestations of insanity, although ancient medicine practitioners used to treat insanity as a curse. Medical studies in the modern setting show that the compounds in Rhizoma gastrodiae extract may also have contributory effects in neutralizing and regulating levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. This results to the prevention of many other mental health illnesses which arise from abnormal lack of excessive production of neurotransmitters. Since Rhizoma gastrodiae extract affects the nervous system, it must be taken with utmost caution to prevent side effects. It must also be taken with physician’s prescription among patients who are suffering from certain disorders.

What are the benefits of using Rhizoma gastrodiae extract?

Other than nervous system benefits, taking Rhizoma gastrodiae extract is also beneficial for purposes of promoting function of other organ systems in the body. The following are some of the other benefits of using Rhizoma gastrodiae extract:

  • It improves liver function

The liver functions to produce enzymes which facilitate in the breakdown of fats. Studies show that liver disorders can be prevented and treated with Rhizoma gastrodiae extract as the components of the extract promote liver circulation.

  • It may control blood pressure

Individuals subjected to quantitative studies to determine the effects of Rhizoma gastrodiae extract in reducing blood pressure are observed to have reduced BP after a few doses of Rhizoma gastrodiae extract. This observation still requires in-depth clinical researches.

  • It works as an anti-aging solution

Rhizoma gastrodiae extract also promotes cellular detoxification to prevent rapid aging brought about by deterioration.


Supplements with Rhizoma gastrodiae extract may be useful for adults and elderly individuals. Overdose must be avoided to prevent side effects.

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