Rhizoma gastrodiae: Ingredient for Long-term Cognition Wellness

Rhizoma gastrodiae

Rhizoma gastrodiae: Ingredient for Long-term Cognition Wellness

The Chinese herbal medicinal source Rhizoma gastrodiae has become among the most commonly cultivated plants in the Asian region in the recent years not only because of its effects in treating headaches and migraines but also because of findings that it may help prevent rapid brain degeneration brought about by various factors. With this information, experts believe that Rhizoma gastrodiae, and primarily its main compound Gastrodin, may help prevent neuron degeneration-associated conditions like Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. It is also believed to help enhance overall brain function, including memory, learning skills and overall cognition. Many studies are still being conducted on Rhizoma gastrodiae as its center of efficiency involves the most vital body organ, the brain. It also provides other benefits to organ systems including the cardiovascular system and the digestive system.

What is Rhizoma gastrodiae and Gastrodin?

Rhizoma gastrodiae is a health supplement ingredient primarily effective due to its main compound component known as Gastrodin. Many quantitative studies on animal subjects have shown that the compound Gastrodin is very effective in protecting brain cells from damaging factors including toxins and free radicals. Aside from preventing cancers, Rhizoma gastrodiae’s Gastrodin is believed to enhance vital functions of the nervous system. In some researches, it was also concluded that Rhizoma gastrodiae may be helpful in preventing post-stroke conditions and signs and symptoms including convulsions. Although the studies on Rhizoma gastrodiae are merely quantitative in nature and conducted primarily on animal subjects, many experts believe that these findings may find application in human subjects. Further studies are being conducted, however, as serious health conditions may result in cases of overdose.

What are the benefits of using Rhizoma gastrodiae?

Taking health supplements with Rhizoma gastrodiae extract or Gastrodin may be quite advantageous as it works not only to enhance brain function but also to promote wellness in several ways. The following are among the other uses of Rhizoma gastrodiae supplements:

  1. It may help reduce blood pressure

Through certain unknown patterns, it has been observed that Rhizoma gastrodiae in animal subjects effectively reduce blood pressure. Studies are being conducted to determine whether same effects may be observed among human subjects.

  1. It has anti-aging properties

Rhizoma gastrodiae also contains antioxidant compounds which are proven to be very effective in preventing rapid onset of signs of aging. This is among the recent findings on Rhizoma gastrodiae health benefits.

  1. It has antidepressant effects

Depression and mood disorders are also said to be treated and its symptoms prevented with Rhizoma gastrodiae supplementation. Rhizoma gastrodiae is not, however, intended to replace antidepressant medications prescribed by physicians.


Various health conditions of the brain may be prevented with Rhizoma gastrodiae supplementation and Gastrodin. It must be taken, however, with strict caution.

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