Rhodiola Rosea Extract – The Extract with 140 Compounds

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea Extract – The Extract with 140 Compounds

Containing about 140 known compounds, Rhodiola rosea extract is believed by experts to be beneficial to individual users in various ways. Even before the development of methods for isolation of its individual constituents, Rhodiola rosea has been used in culinary arts and herbal medicine fields in the Chinese and Siberian regions. The effects of Rhodiola rosea extract in improving overall health remains unclear as some researches contradict the claims of other studies but most of the known benefits of the compound are already backed with several clinical researches. Today, Rhodiola rosea extract is included in the formulation of various health supplements due to its many health effects.

What is Rhodiola rosea extract?

Rhodiola rosea extract is mainly taken from the roots of Rhodiola rosea plant, otherwise known as golden root or Arctic root. Studies have shown that the extract contains several essential compounds such as flavonoids, phenols, rosarin and organic acids which aid in the regulation of several bodily processes. Other researches also show that the extract contains several antioxidants or cancer-fighting compounds. In terms of safety, Rhodiola rosea extract is said to be generally safe among adult users, although its use among patients with severe debilitating disorders must be subjected to strict physician supervision.

What are the benefits of using Rhodiola rosea extract?

Animal and human subject studies have revealed several health effects of using Rhodiola rosea extract within specific doses. Aside from traditional uses of the extract which has long been recognized in Chinese alternative medicine practices, scientists were able to discover other benefits of using Rhodiola rosea extract in the recent years. The following are some of the known effects of using Rhodiola rosea extract:

  1. It helps relieve burnout

Burnout brought about by stress is usually characterized by exhaustion, fatigue and general weakness. Certain studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea extract can help relieve burnout and promote revitalization among individuals through its adaptogen compounds. Adaptogens are chemicals which prevent exhaustion brought about by physical and mental stress, thereby promoting longevity and physical health.

  1. It may help Treat Cancer

Flavonoid compounds found in Rhodiola rosea extract are known to help treat cancer as they are recognized to be powerful antioxidants. Some experts say, however, that Rhodiola rosea extract may only be effective for certain types of cancers.

  1. It Improves Cognition

Cognition refers to overall mental function and includes memory, analytical skills, concentration, focus and mental alertness. In a study conducted on individuals with actual cognitive decline, experts have found that Rhodiola rosea extract supplementation has resulted to reduction in the rate of decline. Some of the subjects have also manifested improvement in overall cognition.


While Rhodiola rosea extract is classified as safe, certain studies have shown that it may have low level stimulatory effects. Generally, however, supplements containing Rhodiola rosea extract are ideal for daily use.

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