Rice Protein Powder Up, The Whole Market Is Steady 8/21-8/27

rice protein powder

Rice Protein Powder Up, The Whole Market Is Steady 8/21-8/27

The supplement ingredient market has had no apparent changes or fluctuations this week. Here are the key ingredients that Nutri Avenue is focusing on this week.

Organic Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder market is currently in the stage of price increase. The reason is that the price of raw material rice has been rising. Currently, its market price is $6.8-9.5/kg.

Popular Raw Ingredients Market Price Update 8/21-8/27

  1. D Mannose Powder $38-45/kg
  2. Riboflavin 5 Phosphate $88-96.5/kg
  3. CoQ10 powder $222-242/kg
  4. Alpha lipoic acid powder $68-75/kg
  5. L Glutathione Reduced $130-152/kg
  6. Agmatine Sulfate powder $14.5-18/kg
  7. Inositol Powder Feed Grade $18.5-28/kg
  8. Beet Root Powder (Red Beet Juice Powder) $13.5-18/kg
  9. Epimedium Powder Extract 10% Lcariin $112-121/kg
  10. Rhodiola Rosea Root Powder Extract (Rosavins 3%+Salidroside 1%) $138-148.5/kg
  11. 4% Pure Echinacea powder $12-16.5/kg
  12. Tribulus Terrestris Powder Extract 45% Saponins $9.5-15/kg
  13. Diosmin (Citrus Aurantium 90%) $56-63/kg

Special Introduction About Nutri Avenue’s Ingredients

Banaba Leaf Extract – 1% corosolic acid

The raw material of Banaba Leaf powder extract comes from India. But most factories use loquat leaves instead. Nutri Avenue offers authentic Indian-sourced banaba leaf. Its market price is $35-42/kg.

Resveratrol Powder

It has different purity levels, such as 20%, 50%, and 98% pure bulk Resveratrol powder. And 98% pure Resveratrol powder has various sources from India and China. This ingredient also has two manufacturing processes, fermenting and natural extraction.

  • Natural Resveratrol powder 20% $38-45/kg
  • Natural Resveratrol powder 50% $75-88/kg
  • Natural Resveratrol powder 98% $195-230/kg
  • Fermented Resveratrol powder 98% $202-212/kg


These raw ingredients are focused on by Nutri Avenue this week. The whole market status is steady with no obvious changes. The price of rice protein powder is up because of the raw material – rice. Nutri Avenue will pay attention to the market price change. Welcome to keep visiting our page.



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