Rose hip extract: A Vitamin C-rich Ingredient for Joint Health

Rose hip extract

Rose hip extract: A Vitamin C-rich Ingredient for Joint Health

Many ingredients of various health supplement products are known for their benefits when it comes to enhancing digestive, cardiovascular and nervous system health but there are also a few ingredients which primarily work in promoting joint health. Improving joint function is very important as it works in locomotion or movement. Without a healthy set of joints, the performance of activities of daily living may be compromised, leading to problems not only of the musculoskeletal system but other systems of the body as well. Rose hip extract is one of the most effective health supplement ingredients when it comes to enhancement of overall joint function. According to experts, it helps promote joint health by interfering with the functions and activity of catabolic proteins in joint which destroy joint mobility. This finding, however, is still subject to deeper studies as it is not yet fully proven through qualitative researches conducted on human subjects.

What is Rose hip extract?

Rose hip extract is a health supplement ingredient well-known for its high Vitamin C content. Because it is rich in Vitamin C or Ascorbic acid, many experts say that Rose hip extract may be quite beneficial in the enhancement of immunity and body resistance from disease. It may also help prevent infections and spread of microorganisms in the body. In the olden times, Rose hip extract is one of the most popular treatments for many diseases. Studies are currently being conducted to establish health claims associated with the use of Rose hip extract but it has already been proven to be quite effective under quantitative studies conducted on both animal and human subjects. Despite its efficiency and benefits to the human body, experts say that Rose hip extract must not be taken in excessive doses. Also, individuals who are diagnosed with certain health conditions are advised to consult their physicians before using Rose hip extract supplements.

What are the benefits of using Rose hip extract?

Health supplements containing relative amounts of Rose hip extract provide the following health benefits:

  1. It contains high amounts of antioxidants for chronic disease prevention

Chronic diseases or those which are not treated within a few months are caused primarily by the accumulation of toxic compounds in body cells. Studies reveal that antioxidants in Rose hip extract help eliminate these toxic compounds, thus preventing chronic diseases from developing.

  1. It may improve skin health

Rose hip extract may also help improve skin health, according to studies. This is because it prevents rapid degeneration of skin cells and promotes resurfacing of new cells. It also helps improve overall skin appearance and helps eliminate blemishes.

  1. It helps prevent osteoporosis

Studies also reveal that the Vitamin C content of Rose hip extract is helpful in promoting collagen production. This eventually results in the prevention of bone density and the control of osteoporosis.


There are many benefits associated with the use of Rose hip extract. However, these claims are still subject to confirmation.

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