Rosehips extract: Rose Plant’s Fruit as Vitamin C Source

Rosehips extract

Rosehips extract: Rose Plant’s Fruit as Vitamin C Source

Pilot studies on Rosehips and Rosehips extracts began in the recent decades following discovery that it contains high amounts of Vitamin C, thereby possibility treating deficiency of the vitamin and many other health conditions. Increased Vitamin C levels brought about by Rosehips extract supplementation is said to be associated with improved immune system responses against health conditions associated with microbial growth such as common colds and influenza. Although not yet fully proven, many experts also say that some compounds found in Rosehips extract have evidentiary effects in terms of cancer cell growth and development control. The vitamins, minerals and compounds found in Rosehips may be introduced to the human body when the fruit is taken in the form of jams, jellies or teas but it is best taken in Rosehips extract forms.

What is Rosehips extract?

Rosehips extract is taken from the fruit of the rose plant. Rosehips are the cherry-like bulb fruits found just below the rose flowers. Inside the rosehips fruit are the seeds of the rose plant which are also essential sources of medicinal compounds. Rosehips extract is useful in the field of medicine as it is suggested to provide a wide range of health benefits. In terms of safety for use, there are no established risks associated with the use of Rosehips extract in health supplements as the fruit is edible and used since ancient times in the field of alternative medicine. Individuals who are suffering from serious cardiovascular conditions are not advised, however, to take Rosehips extract without prior consultation to physician.

Health benefits of using Rosehips extract

Not only is Rosehips extract beneficial among patients who are suffering from Vitamin C deficiency but it is also useful among adults, both men and women, in general. The following are some of the health uses of Rosehips extract:

  • It enhances circulation

The compounds isolated in Rosehips extract help promote circulation of blood not only in the legs and arms but also towards the brain. Enhanced circulation into the different portions of the body, especially in the distal areas, effectively promote maximized function of organs and improved responses to environmental stimuli.

  •  It helps lower cholesterol levels

Aside from being a good source of Vitamin C, many researchers are also conducting studies on Rosehips extract as it is found to help lower cholesterol levels. Significant cut-down in cholesterol can result to improved heart health and effective prevention of progression of Diabetes Mellitus.

  • It enhances diuresis

The claim on Rosehips extract’s diuretic effect is not yet fully proven but many experts say that it may result from the use of the extract as a kidney function-enhancer. Studies show that Rosehips extract contains fruit acids and other compounds which help prevent kidney disorders and enhance urination.


Many are the uses of Rosehips extract in the field of medicine but due to lack of qualitative researches, most of these claims are not yet approved by regulatory agencies. Generally, Rosehips extract is safe for use.

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