Roselle calyx extract: The Proven Effective Control for Hypertension

Roselle calyx extract

Roselle calyx extract: The Proven Effective Control for Hypertension

Clinical investigations on Roselle calyx extract reveal that its active components may contribute to significant reduction in blood pressure, which is an ideal health benefit for individuals suffering from both stable and unstable hypertension. Despite the lack of material information as to the health uses of Roselle calyx extract, many traditional medicine practitioners have introduced the use of the extract in the treatment of various diseases for thousands of years. Modern scientists say that while some of the health benefits can be associated only with psychological or placebo effects, most of the claimed uses of Roselle calyx extract in the field of medicine can be potentially backed with quantitative studies. Studies on Roselle calyx extract and its effects on weight loss, cardiovascular health and cancer cell growth and development are among the subjects of today’s researches on Roselle calyx extract.

What is Roselle calyx extract?

Native in regions across Africa, the plant Roselle has been a source of health compounds essential for the treatment of various diseases. The leaves and calyces of the plant yield highest amounts of compounds, making them the most ideal sources for health supplement formulations. Roselle calyx extract is commonly used in health supplements as the calyces of the plant can easily be subjected to isolation procedures. There are no established contraindications of using Roselle calyx extract as it is not yet fully explored as a health supplement ingredient but it can cause certain adverse reactions among pregnant or lactating women. For safety purposes, individuals under certain medication therapies for treatment of other diseases must consult physician prior to use.

What are the benefits of using Roselle calyx extract?

Roselle calyx extract is primarily indicated for hypertension as quantitative researches show that it may reduce blood pressure. There are, however, many other reasons why individuals are advised to take Roselle calyx extract supplements. The following are among the health uses of Roselle calyx extract:

  • It boosts immune system function

A healthy dose of Roselle calyx extract contains essential Vitamin C levels which is ideal for enhancing immune system function. Individuals who are taking Roselle calyx extract supplements are observed to have better resistance against common colds, flu and other usual infections brought about by exposure to certain microorganisms.

  • It may promote diuresis

Increasing rate of urination, according to health researches, is one of the activated mechanisms of action on how Roselle calyx extract works in treating hypertension. The manner on how Roselle calyx extract exactly promotes diuresis is not yet fully understood but it has been proven in various quantitative researches.

  • It may control cancer cell growth

Data obtained from several animal subject studies on Roselle calyx extract show that it may have contributory effects in the prevention and control of cancer cell growth. Certain compounds in the extract are believed to possess antioxidant effects, thereby preventing cancer.


The hypertensive treatment benefits associated with Roselle calyx extract use is most primarily being researched upon as it can be the optimum treatment for the condition. Safety issues, however, must first be addressed.

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