Roselle extract: The Secret to Better Bone Health

Roselle extract

Roselle extract: The Secret to Better Bone Health

The leaves, flowers and fruits of the therapeutic plant Roselle are used widely in the field of medicine in manufacturing essential medications and health supplements. Although the claims on the potential health uses of Roselle extract are rooted on its historical use in the medical field, many experts say that early observations on the uses of the extract may be backed by modern clinical studies. Roselle is usually taken in the form of juices or teas. In its raw form, it provides many essential health benefits among individual users. In order to maximize health uses and increase its compound levels among individual users, experts have established formulations for health supplements containing Roselle extract. Roselle extract supplements are highly recommended for use among adults and elderly individuals.

What is Roselle extract?

The development of Roselle extract for health supplement formulation purposes is a diversion from the original form or Roselle use in the medical field. While history shows that the parts of the plant are typically used in the making of teas, modern health supplement manufacturers now use Roselle extract in health formulas. Roselle extract contains several compounds which are shown to improve overall health and wellness in many different ways. Although the exact clinical patterns as to how these compounds work are not yet fully established, many quantitative researches show that these compounds may indeed work. Along with other compounds found in other herbal extracts, Roselle extract health compounds are believed to be very useful among humans.

Health benefits of using Roselle extract

Roselle extract have many health uses, whether it be taken in the form of teas or in the form of health supplements. Some of the most common uses of Roselle extract in the medical field include the following:

  1. It improves immune system function

Roselle extract contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals which are useful in enhancing immune system function. Among the nutrients found in Roselle extract include Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium, Phosphorus and Calcium. By improving immune system function, Roselle extract helps prevent development of many illnesses affective the respiratory system and other organ systems of the body.

  1. It may help lower blood pressure

Many experts are looking into the effects of Roselle extract in lowering blood pressure. Although the clinical pattern is not yet established, quantitative studies show that Roselle extract supplementation may indeed lower blood pressure among patients who take the extract within a given period of time.

  1. It improves bone health

With the high calcium and protein content of Roselle extract, experts say that it may help strengthen bones and the teeth. Individuals who are at high risk for developing bone disorders and osteoporosis are advised to take Roselle extract supplements for better health.


There are no health risks associated with use of Roselle extract within recommended doses but it must be taken with caution among high risk individual groups.

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