Rosmarinic acid: A Compound for Fighting-off Cataracts and Asthma

Rosmarinic acid

Rosmarinic acid: A Compound for Fighting-off Cataracts and Asthma

Airway diseases like asthma are very dangerous as they involve one of the most complicated organ systems of the human body. Although it is not easy to deal with asthma attacks, experts have already developed natural and healthy means to prevent the condition and treat narrowing of airways. Scientists say that the health supplement ingredient Rosmarinic acid is very useful in intervening with the dangerous effects of allergic asthma or the asthmatic attack brought about by exposure to allergens. It is believed that Rosmarinic acid helps prevent narrowing down of airways when introduced in the body orally. The effect of Rosmarinic acid in preventing allergic asthma, according to some other studies, is also based on the fact that it has a well-established anti-inflammatory effect based on clinical researches conducted on animal subjects. Many studies are currently being conducted on Rosmarinic acid and its effects in the human body.

What is Rosmarinic acid?

Rosmarinic acid is a beneficial compound which is often isolated from plant sources including Perilla. Many researches are being conducted as it is found that Rosmarinic acid is useful in preventing cancer. In one study, it was provided that Rosmarinic acid has antioxidant effects more powerful that Vitamin E. Rosmarinic acid works by eliminating compounds in the body which have accumulated over the years, causing changes in the functions and structure of body cells. It also works by promoting disease-preventing functions of body cells. Experts are also developing interest over Rosmarinic acid as it is discovered to effectively prevent inflammation, especially those affecting joints and muscles. This means that persons who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis or any arthritic condition may find relief when using Rosmarinic acid supplements. However, experts warn against excessive use of Rosmarinic acid. The supplement ingredient must only be used within recommended doses and must not be taken by persons diagnosed with certain health conditions without physician’s recommendation.

What are the health benefits of using Rosmarinic acid?

The following are the health benefits associated with the use of Rosmarinic acid as claimed by health experts:

  1. It may help prevent cataract

Cataract is a very common eye disorder experienced among elderly individuals. Studies reveal that taking Rosmarinic acid supplements may be an effective way to prevent cataract formation in the eyes, thereby improving overall vision.

  1. It may help treat peptic ulcer

Many persons experience peptic ulcer symptoms due to various factors including bacterial infection in the stomach and excessive production of gastric juices. In one study, it was suggested that Rosmarinic acid supplementation may have effects in treating peptic ulcer, but it is not intended to be a lone treatment for the condition.

  1. It has anti-microbial properties

Rosmarinic acid is also effective in controlling microbial growth in the human body. However, this claim is still subject to confirmatory health studies.


Many experts are convinced that Rosmarinic acid is beneficial to individual users. However, it must be taken still with caution and with physician’s recommendation.

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