S-allyl-l-cysteine: The Antioxidant Compound in Garlic


S-allyl-l-cysteine: The Antioxidant Compound in Garlic

There are many compounds found in both fresh and aged garlic which are believed to provide a wide range of health benefits but the most significant element in garlic which is currently being isolated for independent health studies is the organic amino acid cysteine derivative known as S-allyl-l-cysteine. Most of the health benefits associated with garlic use is said to be associated with its S-allyl-l-cysteine contents. Although the compound is relatively a new discovery in the field of health supplement manufacture, the use of garlic in the field of medicine has long been recorded in pre-historic era. The compound being naturally found in a common food source, it is known to be safe and effective in promoting optimum health and wellness.

What is S-allyl-l-cysteine?

S-allyl-l-cysteine is a compound found in garlic. It is typically extracted through advanced laboratory procedures and included in the formulation of modern health supplements. Several animal subject studies are currently being conducted today to discover the exact pharmacologic effects of S-allyl-l-cysteine in the body. Experts are also looking into the differences in terms of effects and safety of S-allyl-l-cysteine found in fresh garlic and aged garlic. Some studies show that S-allyl-l-cysteine in garlic samples heated under high temperatures have more potential effects in the prevention of cancer cell development, although the finding is still subject to in depth confirmatory studies.

What are the health benefits of using S-allyl-l-cysteine?

Supplementing S-allyl-l-cysteine from garlic or from health supplement formulations is shown to improve wellness in various ways. The following are some of the known health benefits of using S-allyl-l-cysteine:

  1. It has antioxidant benefits

S-allyl-l-cysteine is shown in various clinical studies to provide antioxidant health benefits. Aside from preventing genetic mutations, thereby preventing cancer development, experts say that the antioxidant effects of S-allyl-l-cysteine may also be essential in enhancing detoxification and elimination of dangerous chemicals in the body which are not typically eliminated through ordinary processes of excretion. The compound may also be used in enhancing free radicals-scavenging effects of some other compounds taken from food and dietary supplements.

  1. It can lower cholesterol levels

Experts are eyeing on S-allyl-l-cysteine as one of the most essential compounds which can significantly lower cholesterol levels even within the first few doses. The claim has been confirmed in several animal-subject studies but no actual human studied have yet been conducted on S-allyl-l-cysteine to determine its cholesterol-lowering activities. By lowering cholesterol levels, the compound S-allyl-l-cysteine is suggested to help reduce risks for cardiovascular conditions.

  1. It may prevent rapid cell aging

Some manufactures of anti-aging health supplements also include S-allyl-l-cysteine in their formulations on the claim that it may prevent rapid cell aging by eliminating chemicals in the body which interfere with healthy skin aging.


S-allyl-l-cysteine can be a potential cure for several modern disorders. It is also generally safe for use for individuals of all ages.

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