Safflower Extract: A Natural Hair Grower and Weight Loss Enhancer

Safflower Extract

Safflower Extract: A Natural Hair Grower and Weight Loss Enhancer

Asian alternative medicinal practice have long recognized the use of Safflower extract in the prevention and treatment of various clinical illnesses but the extract has gained popularity in the Western region only in the recent years. With the advent of advanced methods in studying subjects, many experts have proven through quantitative researches the benefits of using Safflower extract health supplements.

Safflower extract is a rich source of essential nutrients and compounds for better health. It contains flavonoids and other antioxidant compounds which help enhance detoxification process and prevent development of cancer cells in the body. Some manufacturers of cosmetics also include relative amounts of Safflower extract as it prevents rapid skin cell aging. Safflower extract is among the best components of modern health supplements for all ages.

What is Safflower extract?

Safflower extract, as a health supplement component, is derived usually from the seeds of the perennial plant Safflower. Although recognized in Asian regions as a potential cure for illnesses, it only gained popularity in the recent years in other areas across the globe following discoveries of its effects in possibly treating obesity and promoting weight loss.

In one study, it was found that Safflower extract contains high amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids which are proven both by qualitative and quantitative studies to promote fat burn. Overdose of Safflower extract is not, however, healthy as it may result to unlikely side effects. For purposes of treating obesity with Safflower extract, recommendation of health professionals is important.

Health benefits of using Safflower extract

Taking Safflower extract through health supplementation may provide several health benefits which include the following:

1. It may control Diabetes Mellitus

The sudden rise and fall of blood sugar levels is the most common cause of signs and symptoms associated with Diabetes Mellitus. Studies show that Safflower extract supplementation may help prevent blood sugar shoot-ups which can cause debilitating symptoms. Experts say that the extract works through its high Omega-6 fatty acid content. The high flavonoid content of the extract is also believed to help control symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

2. It may promote hair growth

Manufacturers of alternative hair growth treatments also include Safflower extract in their formulations as it is proven to enhance growth and development of scalp hair. It also helps nourish hair and prevent breakage. Safflower extract contains Oleic acid which enhances nourishment of scal hair roots for faster development.

3. It eases PMS pain

Pre-menstrual symptoms may range from mild to severe among different groups of women. In one study, it was observed that Safflower extract helps increase production of natural pain relievers of the body, thereby preventing occurrences of rapid PMS pain.


There are many other benefits of using Safflower extract which affects other organ systems of the body including the immune system. It is highly recommended for use among individuals of all ages.

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