Sanguinarine: The Plant Alkaloid with Anti-Cancer Health Effects


Sanguinarine: The Plant Alkaloid with Anti-Cancer Health Effects

Medical findings evidencing anti-proliferative and anti-apoptotic effects of the alkaloid plant compound Sanguinarine has become quite interesting not only among experts but also among individuals who are at high risk for developing tumors or cancers and those who are already suffering from the condition. This finding is quite promising as the compound is naturally safe and effective in possibly preventing cancer without associated side effects similar to chemotherapy and radiation therapy side effects. Also, there are many other health benefits associated with the consumption of Sanguinarine. Although the use of the compound in cancer treatment as well as in the promotion of overall health are not yet fully recognized in the field of medicine, many manufacturers of health supplement products have already included it in their formulations as it is highly advisable for use.

What is Sanguinarine?

As an alkaloid compound, Sanguinarine was primarily studied upon for its potential cancer-preventing health effects. True enough, it possesses properties which can be associated with the health effect. Sanguinarine is mostly isolated from the roots of a plant species known as Sanguinaria canadensis and Poppy fumaria species. It is only among the many alkaloid compounds found in the plant species but it is considered as one of the most powerful for purposes of health promotion. There has been no recognition on the use of Sanguinarine in medicine formulations but in the production of toothpastes and other oral health products, Sanguinarine has been recognized by the United States Food and Drug Association or USFDA as an antimicrobial agent. It is also recognized as an anti-plaque agent, which means that it may prevent plaque formation and the associated health risks of plaque development.

What are the other benefits of using Sanguinarine supplements?

Taking supplements with Sanguinarine is advisable as it provides other health benefits aside from possibly preventing cancer. The following are among the other health benefits of using Sanguinarine:

  • It may control inflammation

Recent studies on Sanguinarine and the plant source of the compound reveal that it may control inflammation following trauma in body cells and tissues. Inflammatory health conditions like arthritis and gout may also be treated effectively with Sanguinarine supplementation.

  • It reduces bacterial growth

Not only is Sanguinarine effective in controlling microbial growth in the oral cavity but it is also observed to kill microorganisms inside the human body. Experts say that it may enhance immune system function and the phagocytosis system.

  • It may promote gastrointestinal health

Although not yet confirmed, some experts say that Sanguinarine may contribute to the promotion of gastrointestinal health as it helps regulate microbial growth in the digestive tract and prevent excessive proliferation of the bacteria in the area.


Individuals, both young and old, are advised to take Sanguinarine supplements as it is safe and effective for use. Deeper studies are required to fully determine the accuracy of the claims associated with its use.

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