Sausage tree extract: Newly Found Unique Tree Species

Sausage tree extract

Sausage tree extract: Newly Found Unique Tree Species

Legends has it that the very famous Sausage tree or Kigelia africana which is found in South African region is one of the best sources of essential compounds for treatment of various modern health conditions. While many historic researches show that the Sausage tree extract has health benefits which are associated primarily with sexual function, more important researches conducted in the recent decade shows that the compounds in the extract has many other significant uses including cancer cell growth and development prevention. There are studies being conducted today to determine how the compound exactly works about human users but due to lack of subjects for qualitative studies, the extract has not yet received recognition under the U.S. Food and Drug Association and a medical treatment.

What is Sausage Tree extract?

Sausage tree fruits have long been used in the South African region for the development of a traditional beer. It is also used in alternative medicine as a treatment for various integumentary conditions including eczema. During its introduction in the Western world, it was initially subjected to isolation studies to determine its phytochemical constituents. Its specific health benefits have then been established which included, among others, its effects in improving secondary sex characteristics development. With the advent of modern researches, experts have discovered many other health benefits associated with use of Sausage tree extract and have recommended its inclusion in the manufacture of health supplement formulations.

Health benefits of using Sausage tree extract

Aside from potential improvement of overall sexual function, Sausage tree extract supplementation is believed to contribute to a lot of health benefits. It is very useful for individuals of all ages as it is not associated with serious side effects, except when taken in overdose. The following are some of the health benefits of using Sausage tree extract:

  • It may reduce skin infections

Sausage tree extract contains certain compounds shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal health effects. When included in cosmetic product formulations, it is believed to reduce acne development and improve overall integumentary function. Sausage tree extract taken orally through health supplement formulations help prevent infections by reducing microbial growth not only on the skin surface but also the hair roots.

  • It may work as a stimulant

Modern formulations for pre-workout supplements also include Sausage tree extract as it effectively stimulates the central nervous system in preparation for an extraneous workout session. There are no scientific explanations as to how Sausage tree extract stimulates the CNS but many experts are convinced as to this health benefit.

  • It may increase diuresis

Studies also show that Sausage tree extract increases diuresis or the production and elimination of urine. With the completion of confirmatory studies on this claim, many experts say that Sausage tree extract may be a proper treatment for hypertension.


The use of Sausage tree extract in the field of alternative medicine is not relatively new but it is not yet fully explored in modern medicine. Its safety for use is also subject to deeper studies.

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