Selenium Yeast Powder: A Beneficial Ingredient for DNA Maintenance

Selenium Yeast Powder

Among the most significant trace minerals which must be supplemented thru diet and intake of health supplement products is Selenium. In the modern generation, health experts have introduced the use of Selenium Yeast Powder in supplement formulations as it effectively provides the body with sufficient amounts of healthy selenium. Experts have long recognized the benefits of sufficient selenium levels in the body but due to risks associated with intake of selenium in other forms, many individuals have resorted to the use of Selenium Yeast Powder. There are, however, certain risks of using Selenium Yeast Powder in excessive doses. These include development of gastrointestinal side effects such as vomiting and nausea. When taken within recommended doses, however, there are no associated risks of using Selenium Yeast Powder. The claim that Selenium Yeast Powder supplementation may cause yeast infection is also not true. Although it contains yeast, the yeast in Selenium Yeast Powder is in its inactive form. Thus, it will not cause any untoward symptoms to the body.

What is Selenium Yeast Powder?

Selenium Yeast Powder is a common supplement ingredient used in preventing signs and symptoms of selenium deficiency. Studies reveal that selenium is very important in the production of building block amino acids, which are also significant in the development of proteins for body building purposes. Thus, Selenium deficiency may be associated with slow wound healing and weak musculoskeletal system.  Selenium Yeast Powder also plays a vital role in protecting the body from oxidative stress brought about by exposure to free radicals which have not been eliminated by the body’s ordinary process of detoxification. Modern individuals are recommended to take in relative amounts of Selenium Yeast Powder in a daily basis. However, persons who are suffering from certain illnesses must seek physician’s consultation before using Selenium Yeast Powder. Very young individuals must also consult their doctors before using Selenium Yeast Powder.

Health benefits of using Selenium Yeast Powder

The following are some of the benefits of using Selenium Yeast Powder in health supplement formulations:

  1. It promotes proper thyroid function

The thyroid gland is very important in the production of hormones that aid in metabolism and breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Thus, experts say that Selenium Yeast Powder supplementation is beneficial in promoting metabolism and weight loss. This claim is not, however, proven as of yet.

  1. It may help prevent cancers

Many persons in the modern generation suffer from cancers of various types. In one study, it was concluded that Selenium Yeast Powder supplementation may have contributory effects in preventing cancer cell development, thus protecting users from the disease.

  1. It may promote DNA production

Selenium is also very important in the production of DNA or the basic structural unit of cells. Experts say that individuals must take healthy amounts of Selenium in a day to maintain healthy cellular quantity and quality.


Selenium Yeast Powder supplementation is beneficial for individuals of all ages. However, it must be taken with caution among very young individuals.

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