Semen Aesculi extract: Male Fertility-boosting Extract for Longevity

Semen Aesculi extract

Semen Aesculi extract: Male Fertility-boosting Extract for Longevity

While most herbal extract are derived from seeds of various plant sources, a unique health supplement ingredient known as Semen Aesculi extract is taken only from the leaves and bark of its plant source as its seeds are known to be very toxic. Known popularly as Horse chestnut extract, Semen Aesculi extract is used in the field of alternative medicine primarily in the prevention of edema or fluid leak-out from veins and capillaries brought about by various factors. Since the early times, Semen Aesculi extract is used in the treatment of edema and its complications. It was, however, only recently when experts have established certain links on how Semen Aesculi extract effectively treat the symptom. There are no studies, however, on the effects of Semen Aesculi extract in treating the root cause of edema, which is a symptom that arises from various causes. When taken through health supplements, Semen Aesculi extract may provide other health benefits.

What is Semen Aesculi extract?

Semen Aesculi extract is a supplement ingredient indicated primarily in the prevention and treatment of health conditions affecting veins, arteries and capillaries. It may also be used in the treatment of circulation problems, including venous insufficiency. Studies show that the compounds in Semen Aesculi extract are quite effective in improving overall circulation from the cardiovascular region to the distal portions of the human body. It may also help treat problems in venous return such as varicose veins conditions. Although many claims are associated with Semen Aesculi extract use, it is not yet recognized as a medicine as there are limited studies on the side effects of Semen Aesculi extract on the human body. Experts believe, however, that Semen Aesculi extract is safe and effective as there have been no reports on adverse effects of the extract when taken within recommended doses.

Health benefits of using Semen Aesculi extract

Taking Semen Aesculi extract is beneficial for individuals of all ages. It can provide a lot of health benefits which include the following:

  1. It may prevent prostate enlargement

The prostate gland among men may enlarge due to various underlying conditions. Studies show that Semen Aesculi extract supplementation may help prevent prostate enlargement among mice subjects. It is believed that the same benefits may be enjoyed by men.

  1. It may induce cancer cell death

A very important finding on Semen Aesculi extract shows that it may induce cancer cell growth. The effect is not the same, however, in all forms of cancers. It is effective only against specific types of cancers, including breast cancers and cervical cancers.

  1. It may improve male fertility

In several studies, it has also been established that Semen Aesculi extract supplements may be used to improve male fertility. The researches show that it increases sperm count and maintain sperm health.


Semen Aesculi extract or horse chestnut supplements are quite useful among both men and women. It provides a wide range of health benefits, but it must be used with caution among patients with underlying health conditions.

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