Sesamin: The Scarcest yet Undeniably Powerful Weight Loss Compound


Sesamin: The Scarcest yet Undeniably Powerful Weight Loss Compound

The scarcest compound found in sesame seeds known as Sesamin has been featured in various TV shows and magazines in the past few years due to its claimed effects in promoting fitness and weight loss. Although the fat-burning capability of the compound remains unclear to some experts, there are many other health benefits associated with Sesamin which are scientifically-accepted and theoretically-established as efficient. Sesamin may be found in various food sources such as pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds and whole grains but for more effective bioavailability, experts say that taking the compound through health supplements is more beneficial.

What is Sesamin?

Sesamin is a lignan chemical compound mainly isolated from plant sources. While most individuals are interested in the effects of the compound in promoting weight loss, a lot of experts are more interested in the reiterated findings that Sesamin may help control cancer. Major studies involving the cancer-curing claim of Sesamin are conducted only on animal subjects but with today’s technological advancement, the world of medical science is looking forward to human-subject researches which will finally pave the way for Sesamin’s approval as a pharmaceutical ingredient.

What are the benefits of using Sesamin?

Like other lignans, the compound Sesamin is absorbed by the small intestines and circulated in the blood for maximum results. Although the bioavailability of the drug is not yet fully established, it is included with some other bioavailability-prolonging compounds for longer effectiveness. Some of the well-known benefits of using Sesamin are the following:

  1. It promotes lean Muscle development

Most experts have accepted the claim that Sesamin works to increase liver enzyme production, leading to breakdown of fats and the retention and development of lean muscles. Some experts also say that the compound increases metabolic rate to promote faster weight loss and enhance resurfacing of lean muscles. This benefit is especially noticeable among individuals who adhere to diet and lifestyle changes, conforming to scientifically-established weight loss programs.

  1. It Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels

Circulating cholesterol in the blood at high levels can predispose individuals to a lot of disorders involving, primarily, the cardiovascular system. In a study conducted on Sesamin, it was found that the compound may help lower blood cholesterol levels by stimulating production of enzymes that eliminate cholesterol in the liver. Another study has also shown that the compound increases HDL or High-density lipoprotein levels in the blood which promotes effective circulation and body cell nourishment.

  1. It may control various cancer types

While most compounds derived from plants are specifically effective in controlling specific types of cancers, a study has shown that Sesamin can effectively prevent cell growth of various cancer types such as leukemia, colon cancer, prostate cancer and even lung cancer. There is, however, no concluded study yet as to the effects of Sesamin in preventing metastatic cancer cell growths.


Sesamin can be found in several health supplements. Deeper studies are being conducted today to find out the other benefits of using the compound as well as to establish its mechanisms of action.

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