Sexual Health Booster: Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

Sexual Health Booster: Tribulus Terrestris

Unlike women, men usually experience several urogenital dysfunctions throughout their lifetime which can result to problems on their interpersonal relations. There are various factors affecting a man’s sexual health but the most significant contributory element as explained by experts is the alteration in testosterone production which usually takes place during the middle adulthood stage. Testosterone deterioration can result to several conditions which affect not only a man’s sexual abilities but also his overall appearance and confidence. In order to increase testosterone production and help men deal with midlife crisis, major manufacturers of health supplements have now included a potent testosterone-boosting ingredient in their formulations―Tribulus Terrestris extract.

What is Tribulus Terrestris extract?

TribulusTerrestris extract is a famous supplement ingredient taken from various parts of the Ayurveda herb Tribulus Terrestris. Early records on Tribulus Terrestris reveal that leaves, fruits, roots and nutlets of the plant have been used in ancient Indian and Chinese Medicine, although the plant is also cultivated in North America, Africa and Australia. Tribulus Terrestris extract was first introduced as an essential health supplement ingredient for bodybuilding purposes in the early 1970’s but the drug’s use as a testosterone-boosting agent was only popularized in the past few years.

Health benefits of using Tribulus Terrestris extract

Aside from improving testosterone levels among male users, Tribulus Terrestris extract helps improve overall health in both sexes in various ways. Here are some of the benefits of using TribulusTerrestris extract:

  • It may improve cardiac health

Unknown to majority of users, a healthy dose of Tribulus Terrestris extract in a day to day basis may help improve cardiovascular health as the drug helps reduce blood pressure, treat angina and even improve circulation. Experts say that TribulusTerrestris extract works as a diuretic, which eventually leads to lowered blood volume and reduced blood pressure. There is limited understanding, however, on how TribulusTerrestris extract works in improving overall cardiovascular health.

  • It may reduce allergic reactions

Allergic reactions brought about by varying allergen groups are also shown to be treated both internally and externally with Tribulus Terrestris extract supplementation. The active components of the drug are believed to suppress immune system reactions during acute exposure to allergic reaction-causing factors. Doctors however warn patients with severe allergic reactions to avoid using the drug as it may lead unresponsive allergic attack state which can be deadly.

  • It may help improve lean muscle development

A progressive increase in testosterone levels among males may help improve lean muscle development and the appearance of other secondary sex characteristics such as lower voice and rapid course hair growth.


Among healthy adult users, the extract is not known to be associated with adverse effects unless taken beyond doctor-recommended doses. Tribulus Terrestris extract is the key ingredient not only for sexual health but for cardiovascular wellness as well.

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