Shiitake mushroom extract for Longer Life

Shiitake mushroom extract

Shiitake mushroom extract for Longer Life

Except those classified as poisonous, mushrooms are known to be foods for long life. One of the most popular mushroom types which are used widely in the fields of culinary and medicine is the shiitake mushroom. Shiitake mushroom extract is known to contain high amounts of nutritious compounds which promote overall vitality for long periods of time. It has been used in traditional Chinese Medicine as well as in other fields of medical practice for its benefits in enhancing cardiac function and immunity. Although the extract is not yet approved as a medication component due to lack of clinical evidences of its effects, it is highly recommended as a health supplement ingredient by majority of experts.

What is Shiitake mushroom extract?

Shiitake mushroom is a highly-versatile mushroom type which has a very delectable taste. It is commonly found in several stores as it is used for varieties of purposes. When subjected to extraction procedures, however, it can be used in the pharmaceutical field for the production of health supplements. Extraction of Shiitake mushroom requires compliance with strict laboratory standards as it is capable of being contaminated when not extracted in a controlled set-up. When contaminated, the Shiitake mushroom extract may lose efficiency and even safety. There are very few side effects associated with Shiitake mushroom extract use but for individuals who are potentially allergic to the mushroom, physician’s advice upon use is necessary.

What are the benefits of using Shiitake mushroom extract?

Many health researches show potential effects of Shiitake mushroom extract when taken within recommended doses but due to lack of understanding as to how these mechanisms of action come into effect, health claims on Shiitake mushroom extract are not yet approved by the FDA. Some of the health benefits of using Shiitake mushroom extract include the following:

  • It may prevent obesity

When left untreated, obesity can cause a lot of metabolic and cardiovascular disorders. Obesity is believed to be prevented and even treated through the fat-accumulation control effects of Shiitake mushroom extract. Studies show that the active components of Shiitake mushroom extract may also increase satiety and delay absorption of nutrients, thus promoting fat loss.

  • It may prevent cancer cell growth

In a 2006 study, it was concluded that some phytonutrient compounds found in Shiitake mushroom extract may prevent cancer cell growth in the early stages of its growth. It is shown to be effective in breast carcinoma through effective apoptosis enhancement but not yet proven to be effective against other forms of cancers.

  • It may improve immune system functions

Immunity is determinative of health. For long periods of time, Shiitake mushroom extract has been used in the promotion of overall immunity as it is shown to increase resistance against diseases and infections. To date, there are no sufficient explanations to prove how Shiitake mushroom extract enhances immunity.


Eating Shiitake mushroom extract is healthy but supplementation is also necessary for better vitality. Along with other mushroom compounds, Shiitake mushroom extract is a very good health supplement ingredient.

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