Shrub Althea Flower extract: A Potential Cancer Cure

Shrub Althea Flower extract

Shrub Althea Flower extract: A Potential Cancer Cure

Bringing unique beauty into the backyard is what most people believe to be the primary function of Shrub Althea or Hibiscus syriacus but in many recent clinical surveys, it was found that the shrub has other uses especially in the field of medicine. Most of the parts of Shrub Althea are discovered to contain several minerals and essential compounds which can promote vital body processes and enhance overall wellness. Shrub Althea Flower extract is used as a component of health supplements as it is proven by quantitative studies to contain compounds which prevent inflammation, relieve constipation and even prevent appearances of grey hair. There are many other benefits associated with the use of the extract but most of the claims are subject to confirmatory studies.

What is Shrub Althea Flower extract?

Shrub Althea Flower extract is derived from the beautiful red flowers of Hibiscus syriacus which have undergone advanced procedures of laboratory extraction. In the early days, practitioners of alternative medicine use Shrub Althea Flower in the production of medicinal teas. Historical researches show that taking Shrub Althea Flower teas effectively enhance mood and cognitive function. It is also found to provide many other health benefits affecting various organ systems of the human body. Shrub Althea Flower extract which is included in health supplement formulations must be taken within recommended doses to prevent side effects.

Health benefits of taking Shrub Althea Flower extract supplements

Along with other herbal extracts, Shrub Althea Flower extract promotes wellness through several modes of action. The following are among the most well-known benefits of using Shrub Althea Flower extract supplements:

  1. It may help prevent cancer

Although cancer is known to be incurable, many herbal extracts including Shrub Althea Flower extract are shown to help prevent progression of the disease process. Studies show that Shrub Althea Flower extract contains anthocyanins which are known anti carcinogenics. These compounds promote elimination of free radicals in the body and prevent abnormal rapid growth of cells. Antioxidants in Shrub Althea Flower extract also enhance detoxification process, as shown in certain quantitative researches.

  1. It boosts immune system function

The Shrub Althea Flower extract also contains several flavonoid compounds and vitamins which work together in the promotion of immune system function. In a recently conducted quantitative study, it was observed that those subjects who have taken Shrub Althea Flower extract develop higher resistance against invading microorganisms as compared to placebo subjects. Further studies are required, however, to fully establish the claim.

  1. It helps lower blood pressure

Hypertensive patients who have taken doses of Shrub Althea Flower extract are also shown to have lowered blood pressure following supplementation. The effects are not instantaneous, as observed in the study.


Shrub Althea Flower extract is a healthy ingredient for health supplements as it contains many important compounds. It must be taken with physician’s consultation among patients who are suffering from severe health conditions.

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