Siberian Ginseng Extract: Adaptogen for Better Life

Siberian Ginseng Extract

Siberian Ginseng Extract: Adaptogen for Better Life

Chinese and Russian alternative medical practices have long been using Siberian Ginseng extract in the manufacture of medications for the treatment of various disorders including hypertension, flu, colds and tuberculosis but in the Western world, Siberian ginseng for purposes of health supplement formulations is a relatively new introduction.

A lot of literatures and medical studies since the earlier decades have shown the potentials of the ginseng extract but, unlike other species of the same category, Eleuthero or Siberian ginseng is not quite popular. Majority of studies on Siberian Ginseng extract are primarily focused on establishing the immunity benefits of the active components of the Siberian ginseng but with the advent of advanced technological studies, many other health effects of using the extract are expected to be discovered.

What is Siberian Ginseng extract?

Siberian Ginseng is a traditional medicine used in various regions across the world. It is believed to function primarily through its active components known as eleutherosides. Siberian Ginseng extract is mostly isolated from the roots or rhizome of the plant through standardized laboratory procedures. When included in health supplement formulations, some experts say that the active components of Siberian Ginseng extract effectively bind with other health compounds to provide widespread treatment for various immunity-associated conditions as well as microbial infections.

What are the benefits of using Siberian Ginseng extract?

There are many benefits of including Siberian Ginseng extract in health supplement formulations. Aside from boosting immunity and providing overall vitality, individual quantitative researches conducted in various laboratory settings have shown that Siberian Ginseng extract may also provide the following benefits:

  • It may treat herpes simplex infections

Herpes simplex infections are among the most common sexually-transmitted infections affecting great percentage of the modern population. Although the disease, in its serious forms, are treated only through medical therapies, some studies have shown that Siberian Ginseng extract supplementation among patients suffering from mild and moderate forms of the disease may find relief. Dosages for purposes of herpes simplex treatment are not yet, however, fixed, and may require physician’s advice.

  • It enhances stamina

Human subjects subjected to Siberian Ginseng extract supplementation have manifested improvement in stamina and overall athletic performance following long-term use of the extract. There are some researchers who believe that Siberian Ginseng extract effectively enhances stamina by increasing energy levels through certain patterns. No clear understanding is yet available as to how Siberian Ginseng extract promotes athletic performance.

  • It works as an adaptogen

Siberian Ginseng extract is also believed to help the body adapt through various changes brought about by the environment, disease and other preconditions. The active compounds found in Siberian Ginseng effectively aids in stress control and response to prevent destruction of body cells.


More interesting findings about Siberian Ginseng extract are being under study to establish efficiency. In general, Siberian Ginseng extract is typically safe and effective.

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