Sodium benzoate: The Compound For Healthy Ammonia Levels and Overall Cognition

Sodium benzoate

Sodium benzoate: The Compound For Healthy Ammonia Levels and Overall Cognition

Many health conditions affecting the immune system, according to health studies, may be treated with the introduction of a health supplement ingredient known as Sodium benzoate. Despite its potential efficiency, experts say that Sodium benzoate must be taken only within recommended doses, as computed based on body weight and age, as it may pose certain health risks when taken in excessively high doses. In one study, experts have found that Sodium benzoate may cause mild digestive symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In severe cases, Sodium benzoate may also cause symptoms affecting the nervous system including acute confusion and headaches. Generally, however, as long as it is taken within regular doses, Sodium benzoate does not cause any untoward side effects and is very effective in improving functions of the entire immune system. Persons who are undergoing medication therapies must also consult their physicians before using Sodium benzoate.

What is Sodium benzoate?

The health supplement ingredient Sodium benzoate became very popular in the pharmaceutical field following findings that it may be used in cases of excessive ammonia levels in the blood. Increased ammonia in  blood levels may be very dangerous as it affects the brain and the nerves. The introduction of Sodium benzoate has been shown to significantly reduce ammonia after a few minutes of introduction. Long-term use of Sodium benzoate supplements may also be beneficial in maintaining healthy levels of ammonia in the blood. In one study, it was also established that Sodium benzoate may be useful in the control of a health condition known as Multiple Sclerosis. This condition has been long highlighted as a severe nervous system condition as it is characterized by sudden weakening of the extremities and respiratory distress. After having been discovered as a potential treatment for multiple sclerosis, studies on Sodium benzoate have been initiated by various health care facilities. It is not yet fully recognized, however, as a treatment for the disease.

What are the benefits of using Sodium benzoate?

Taking Sodium benzoate may provide the following health benefits:

  1. It may help enhance memory

Studies show that the intake of Sodium benzoate in a regular basis may be an effective way of preventing damage in the brain brought about by various factors. This, in turn, may help enhance memory and prevent development of degenerative memory conditions.

  1. It may improve overall cognition

Sodium benzoate is one of the unique health supplement ingredients that target the brain. Hence, taking Sodium benzoate may be beneficial in improving overall cognition, including intelligence and critical thinking.

  1. It may reduce cholesterol levels

As much as it reduces ammonia in the blood, Sodium benzoate is also found to be effective in reducing cholesterol levels. This means that it may be useful in conjunctive treatment for cardiovascular conditions.


Health supplements with Sodium benzoate are beneficial for individuals of all ages. However, excessive doses of the compound must be avoided to prevent side effects which can be deadly.

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