Sodium lactate: The Skin Moisturizer Compound for Modern Adults

Sodium lactate

Sodium lactate: The Skin Moisturizer Compound for Modern Adults

Majority of skin care and hair care products contain relative amounts of the fast-rising health supplement ingredient Sodium lactate as it has been branded as one of the most powerful moisturizing agents. This is because it holds water more effectively than many other moisturizing compounds. In the field of meat-packing, Sodium lactate is also used widely as it is effectively helps cells hold sufficient water for long-term moisturization. Sodium lactate is also useful in the health supplement industry as it is believed to contribute to various health benefits. There are currently a lot of studies being conducted to determine the advantages of taking in Sodium lactate through health supplements rather than in the form of soaps, shampoos and other externally-applied products. Today, although it is proven safe and effective for use, the intake of Sodium lactate must be with physician’s consultation among persons who are diagnosed with certain health conditions.

What is Sodium lactate?

Sodium lactate is a popular ingredient in many industrial fields. It is widely known as an effective moisturizer, although it is also associated with other vital functions. Sodium lactate is the resultant compound of combining Lactic acid and sodium salt. It is developed under laboratory procedures, although it may be occur naturally in the environment. In the recent decades, it was established in studies that Sodium lactate may be used in the treatment of metabolic acidosis. Thus, some manufacturers of pharmaceutical products have used the compound in their medicine formulations. Later, however, it was found that excessive amounts of Sodium lactate may result to lactic acidosis, which is also dangerous to health. Hence, experts recommend that Sodium lactate be taken in regulated doses only for purposes of treating metabolic acidosis. Pharmacodynamic studies are also being conducted today to fully establish health claims associated with use of Sodium lactate, as well as potential risks of long-term use and use in excessive doses.

What are the benefits of using Sodium lactate?

The following are some of the claimed benefits of using Sodium lactate which must still be confirmed by in-depth clinical studies:

  • It may help treat arrhythmia

Many persons suffer from arrhythmia due to various factors. One of the most common causes of the condition is overdosing of heart medications. In one study, it was found that Sodium lactate supplementation may help treat arrhythmia secondary to overdosing of cardiovascular medications.

  • It has antimicrobial action

In the past years, Sodium lactate is used in the preservation of meat products as it also helps prevent microbial growth. Today, experts are conducting studies to determine whether Sodium lactate may also work against microbes in the human body.

  • It helps improve skin appearance

Sodium lactate is one of the most useful compounds for improvement of overall skin appearance. This has long been established in a long line of researches.


Sodium lactate is mainly used in the production of body care products. However, it is now widely spreading in the health supplement industry following discoveries of its potential health benefits.

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