Sophora flower bud extract: Traditional Medical Treatment for Bleeding

Sophora flower bud extract

The different parts of the Pagoda tree have been used in ancient Chinese medicine to treat various health conditions which are often unresponsive to ordinary medical treatments. In many historic medical books, it has been shown that Sophora flower bud extract was used in the prevention and treatment of excessive bleeding brought about by underlying medical conditions or by breaks in the integrity of the skin. The flowers of the Sophora or Pagoda tree are often used in the making of dye, while its seeds are used in the making of industrial oil. In the field of modern health supplement manufacture, however, the Sophora flower bud extract is included in supplement formulations as it contains tons of nutrients such as flavonoids and tannins which aid in effective inflammation control and metabolism.

What is Sophora flower bud extract?

Sophora flower bud extract is taken from the flowers of the Pagoda tree, also known as Sophora japonica. Although it has been found to be very toxic in very high doses, experts say that Sophora flower bud extract is very useful in promoting wellness when taken in low doses for a relative period of time. The flowers of the Pagoda tree usually bloom on the third quarter of the year. Before it fully blooms, the flowers are harvested and dried, in preparation for the development of medical ingredients. It is then subjected to extraction procedures and included in health supplement formulations.

What are the benefits of using Sophora flower bud extract?

Health supplements witih Sophora flower bud extract are ideal for both men and women. While some of its claimed uses in traditional Chinese medicine are not fully proven, many of the claims associated with the use of Sophora flower bud extract are now backed with quantitative medical studies. The following are among the benefits of using Sophora flower bud extract:

  • It may help improve hair health

Even when not used in the form of shampoos or hair conditioners, experts say that certain compounds in Sophora flower bud extract may help improve hair health as it enhances moisture and prevents easy breakage. It also enhances glow and smoothness of the hair when taken for long periods of time.

  • It may help lower blood pressure

The health supplement ingredient Sophora flower bud extract is also being studied upon to fully determine whether it may reduce blood pressure among subject patients. The claim that the extract may lower blood pressure is very promising as it is safe and effective for use.

  • It improves cognition

Some experts also say that Sophora flower bud extract helps improve cognition as it enhances brain relaxation and reduces oxidative stress in the nerve cells. This claim is still subject to deeper studies.


The constituent compounds of Sophora flower bud extract is best taken through health supplementation. It must be taken only in low doses to prevent side effects.

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