Sorbitol: The Laxative Agent for Tooth Decay Treatment


Sorbitol: The Laxative Agent for Tooth Decay Treatment

Treating constipation requires intake of both dietary fiber and laxatives. The latter is often used in the immediate treatment of the condition. Although laxatives are very beneficial in promoting bowel movement in just a few minutes to hours from intake, studies reveal that this group of medications is habit-forming. This means that it may be addictive and may require tapering dosage when discontinued. Hence, laxative agents must not be taken in very large doses to treat short-term constipation. One of the most useful laxative compounds which are now used in the formulation of health supplement products is Sorbitol. Aside from being a useful laxative, Sorbitol is very popular in the field of alternative medicine as it provides many other health benefits. The use of supplements with Sorbitol must, however, be discontinued if users develop allergic reactions or when severe symptoms affecting the heart and the brain develop. Mild side effects of using Sorbitol include nausea and vomiting.

What is Sorbitol?

Sorbitol is a health supplement ingredient classified as a sugar alcohol. It is mostly used in the treatment of episodic constipation or constipation for short periods of time. Sorbitol is naturally occurring in the environment and may be obtained from various plant sources. It may also be developed under laboratory procedures. Aside from being a useful laxative compound, Sorbitol is also well-known to be an effective sugar substitute. As an artificial sweetener, Sorbitol may be used as an alternative to table sugar which has long been associated to the development of many health conditions. Sorbitol is also considered a nutritive sugar as it provides energy to the body. Experts say that taking Sorbitol as a sugar alternative is also advantageous as it does not cause tooth decay. This is because it cannot be metabolized or used as an energy source by bacteria in the oral cavity. Studies on the potential health benefits of using Sorbitol are still being conducted today.

What are the benefits of using Sorbitol?

Experts say that Sorbitol is beneficial for individuals of all ages. The following are some of the benefits of using the compound:

  1. It may be used in treatment of hyperkalemia

Hyperkalemia or excessive amounts of Potassium in the blood is as dangerous as hypokalemia or reduced potassium levels. Studies reveal that Sorbitol supplementation may be useful in the treatment of hyperkalemia. This claim, however, is still subject to confirmatory researches.

  1. It protects teeth from decay

Sorbitol is also used in many toothpaste products. This is because it has been shown to have potential action in preventing tooth decay. Other mouth care products also contain relative amounts of Sorbitol. The compound may also be used for such purpose when included in supplement formulations.

  1. It is beneficial for Diabetics

Patients diagnosed with Diabetes may also use Sorbitol as a healthy sugar alterative. Sorbitol does not increase blood sugar levels.


There are many benefits of using Sorbitol in supplement formulations. However, it must be taken in regulated doses among persons with ongoing clinical pathologies.

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