Stearoyl ethanolamide: Inflammation Control

Stearoyl ethanolamide

Stearoyl ethanolamide: Inflammation Control

Psychoactive drugs are mostly misconceived as dangerous drugs which cause nothing but damage in the human body. Experts say, however, that within certain doses, these medications can provide a lot of health benefits to the body which are not necessarily available in some other forms of drugs. Endocannabinoids are some forms of psychoactive drugs commonly used in medication and health supplement formulations. For several years, experts have been looking into the potential effects of Stearoyl ethanolamide or SEA, an endocannabinoid-like compound, in promoting overall health and wellness through some pharmacodynamic patterns. Although the claims on Stearoylethanolamide health benefits are not yet fully established, experts are convinced that the compound can be a potential future treatment for several diseases.

What is Stearoyl ethanolamide?

The compound Stearoyl ethanolamide, or commonly known as SEA, is a fatty acid amide which can assist in the modulation of the endocannabinoid system. Combined with its sister-molecule Palmitoyl ethanolamide, it is believed to enhance and activate several bodily processes and prevent certain diseases. Stearoyl ethanolamide is usually included in the formulation of topical ointments and suspension solutions for skin conditions. It is also included as among the primary components of health supplement formulations for purposes of wellness promotion. Not much study is available to prove the effectiveness of Stearoyl ethanolamide due to certain difficulties in clinical experiments but significant completed studies already reveal potential efficiency.

Potential Benefits of using Stearoyl ethanolamide

There are no published studies to date which fully explains the effects of Stearoyl ethanolamide. However, some quantitative studies conducted on animal subjects show that the compound, when taken through health supplements, may provide the following health benefits:

  • It may prevent inflammation

Inflammatory conditions affecting various parts of the body, especially the skin, are shown to be prevented with Stearoyl ethanolamide supplementation. Most of the inflammatory conditions which have shown positive responses with the compound are those which are brought about by autoimmune conditions are diseases which are of unknown exact etiologies. There are no evidences, however, on whether the compound can be effective against inflammations brought about by trauma or simple allergic reactions.

  • It may prevent respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency

As an endocannabinoid-like compound, Stearoyl ethanolamide is also shown to increase blood pressure and enhance dilation of the bronchus. These health effects are necessary in preventing respiratory and cardiovascular insufficiency brought about by significant decrease in blood pressure and constriction of the bronchial airways. Stearoyl ethanolamide is not intended, however, to replace therapeutic treatments for the conditions and may not be used as an emergency treatment in cases of insufficiency and shock.

  • It may promote cancer cell death

Stearoyl ethanolamide is also shown to induce cancer cell death, although the patterns are not yet fully known. Some studies also reveal that the compound can help prevent cancer cell growth and development.


There are many other benefits associated with Stearoyl ethanolamide use but these are still in need of confirmatory studies. The risks of using Stearoyl ethanolamide are not yet known as well due to lack of human subject studies.

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