How To Understand Stevia Extract Powder Specifications Sense?

Stevia Extract Powder Specification

What Is Stevia?

We usually talk about stevia, actually, it is Steviol Glycosides. Also called Total Steviol Glycosides (TSG). Steviol Glycoside is just a sweet component in stevia extract (in addition to steviol glycoside, there are some ingredients such as soluble fiber, inorganic salts, etc.).

US FDA stipulates that Total Steviol Glycosides must be greater than 95% to be used as Food Additive and Sweetener. If TSG is less than 95%, it can only be used as a dietary supplement when declared.

Total Steviol Glycosides Content

If TSG is greater than 95%, it must reflect a certain main content of mononucleotide. So there are different product categories. For example,

  • TSG95 RA 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90
  • TSG95 RM 80/90
  • TSG95 RM 80/90
  • TSG95 STV 80/90, etc.

Commonly known as crude products with low content like TSG 90%, they can be used directly or refined into products with high RA. But these crude products have become less and less in the past two years. The main reasons for this situation are as below:

  1. The optimization of seedling varieties.
  2. The increase in the content of active ingredients in stevia.
  3. The optimization of the process.

In addition, many Glycosyl Steviol Glycosides referred to as GSG, are modified from crude enzymes. Therefore, less output and greater demand have resulted in a tight supply of crude products and firm prices in the past two years. It is also due to the optimization of varieties in the agricultural industry chain, the extraction of other glycosides, and other reasons, resulting in high RA yields and low prices. Therefore, the price of this previously worthless item is now the strongest, and the price of high RA is low.

Common Stevia Extract Powder Specifications

Stevioside, referred to as STV, has a bitter taste (this specification is relatively rare in the market and is not the main recommended specification)

The most abundant sweet component in stevia is RA, followed by STV.

  • RA (Rebaudioside A)
  • RB (Rebaudioside B)
  • RC (Rebaudioside C)
  • RD (Rebaudioside D)

The above specifications all belong to the category of stevia extract. The complete way of writing is Stevia Extract, followed by the above specification.

For example, Stevia Extract TSG 90% powder, Stevia Extract Rebaudioside A 98% powder, etc.

Natural Extraction Process About Stevia Extract

Extract Steviol Glycosides from Stevia leaves by natural water extraction. And then, using macroporous absorb resin.

The extraction process in process is mainly water. This step of macroporous adsorbent resin is called ion exchange. The steviol glycoside adsorbed on the resin is resolved with ethanol, and then the ethanol is separated by membrane filtration. The sugar solution is concentrated into a semi-solid and spray-dried to obtain a milky white solid powder, which we call a crude product.

The first half of the process is over, and the latter is refined and purified into RA.

Policies and Regulations of Stevia Extract Powder

In 2008, stevia was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

In 2012, stevia was approved by EFSA. Stevia extract is approved in Europe as an additive (sweetener) in food and beverages.

The growth footprint of stevia plants is spread worldwide on four continents, and more than 85% of stevia is planted, processed, and extracted in China. Currently, stevia has been approved in more than 70 countries worldwide and has become a natural high-potency sweetener that people love.

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