Stigma Maydis extract: A Global Ingredient for Diabetes and Cancer Control

Stigma Maydis extract

Stigma Maydis extract: A Global Ingredient for Diabetes and Cancer Control

Many herbal supplement ingredients began as an alternative medicinal source in either the western or the eastern hemisphere of the globe but one unique ingredient, known as Stigma Maydis extract or Corn silk extract, began in both the world’s hemispheres. This means than for a long period of time, the health benefits of Stigma Maydis extract has already been recognized all over the world. However, the claims associated with the use of the extract are only being established through quantitative and qualitative researches in the modern time. This is because of lack of laboratory apparatuses and clinical laboratory studies for research purposes in the early times. There are many health benefits associated with Stigma Maydis extract supplementation which have already been proven under human and animal-subject studies. The US-FDA, however, has not yet recognized Stigma Maydis extract as a medicinal source as it lacks studies on potential risks for use.

What is Stigma Maydis extract?

Stigma Maydis extract is a health supplement ingredient more popularly known as Corn silk extract. Phytochemical researches have shown that the compounds isolated from the extract are quite effective in promoting healthy metabolism and preventing the most serious metabolic condition known as Diabetes Mellitus. It has also been shown in some researches that the compounds in the extract may help prevent cancers as they possess anti-tumor properties. Stigma Maydis extract may also enhance body cleansing and detoxification, thereby improving overall function of vital organs and organ systems of the body. The growth of medical researches bases on Stigma Maydis extract health benefits has convinced a lot of experts and ordinary individuals into taking the extract as a part of daily nutritional supplementation. Manufacturers of modern health supplements also include Stigma Maydis extract in their formulations as it is safe and effective for individual use.

What are the benefits of using Stigma Maydis extract?

Aside from its general function in promoting bodily functions, there are certain specific health benefits of using Stigma Maydis extract. These include the following:

  • It may help prevent urinary tract infections

Medical studies show that the compounds in Stigma Maydis extract are quite effective in controlling growth of microorganisms in the urinary tract, thereby preventing urinary tract infections. It may also help treat the condition when it is still on the early stages of the disease development process.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

Taking Stigma Maydis extract may also be helpful in controlling increased blood pressure levels. It is not a fast-acting medication, however. This means that it will not immediately lower down blood pressure but may require long-term supplementation for hypertension control.

  • It may lower cholesterol levels

Stigma Maydis extract is also useful in lowering down cholesterol levels among patients who are diagnosed with hypercholesterolemia. This mechanism is helpful in the prevention of cardiovascular conditions which develop from increased cholesterol levels.


There are many other specific uses of Stigma Maydis extract among individual users which are currently being subjected to health studies. It may be used safely among healthy adults as there are no associated side effects with its use.

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