Strontium Citrate: For Stronger, Healthier and More Flexible Skeletal Framework

Strontium Citrate

The World Wide Web is filled with stories of individuals who have suffered from the debilitating effects of Osteoporosis and other bone health issues but if there is one highly recommended supplement for all who suffer from these conditions that is the potential mineral known as Strontium Citrate. The compound is usually taken from several food sources such as milk, lean meat and root vegetables but due to problems in terms of absorption of minerals among patients with bone health issues, taking specially-formulated Strontium Citrate supplements is advised.

 What is Strontium Citrate?

The element Strontium is typically used in the metal industry but with the inclusion of the molecular structure Citrate, the element is transformed into Strontium citrate which is now used in health supplement formulations. Strontium citrate as a trace mineral is usually found in the soil but with the process of osmosis among plant sources, it is transmitted into root crops and other Strontium Citrate-rich food sources. Experts say that low doses of Strontium Citrate may help maintain bone health while high doses of the compound may cause potential health effects such as blood clotting, fainting and even skin irritation.

Health benefits of using Strontium Citrate

Although the compound Strontium Citrate has several health effects, it must be taken with caution especially among patients who are suffering from other metabolic disorders. It is highly advisable for patients with bone health issues to take supplements containing low doses of the compound. A health supplement with more than 500mg Strontium Citrate may be potentially harmful. Within regular doses, the following health benefits may be enjoyed with Strontium Citrate supplementation:

  • It enhances bone mineral density

Loss of bone density is typically a result of hormonal changes among both sexes. Low levels of testosterone and estrogen reduces calcium and phosphorus absorption in the skeletal system, leading to fragile bones which are at high risk for injuries. In a 2013 study published in some health magazines, it was provided that Strontium Citrate supplementation may help increase bone density by keeping bone calcium and phosphorus levels intact. This benefit may help reduce a person’s risk from fractures and dislocations.

  • It may protect the joints

Among elderly individuals, cartilage demineralization may lead to loss of cartilaginous masses which can result to osteoarthritis and joint destruction. In a recently concluded study, experts have made a conclusion that Strontium Citrate may help increase mineral absorption in the joints and stimulate cartilage formation. With a healthier joint system, arthritic pain may be treated and even prevented when Strontium Citrate is taken during adulthood.

  1. It may strengthen gums and teeth

One of the latest findings on Strontium Citrate reveals that it may also strengthen teeth and gums and prevent orthodontic diseases from developing. There is, however, very few understanding as to how it works in the oral cavity.


Strontium Citrate is one of the most important health supplement components for better bones and joint systems. Not only is the compound recommended for elderly individuals but is also highly advisable for use among adults.

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