Sunflower flower extract: The Ingredient for Optimum Heart

Sunflower flower extract

Sunflower flower extract: The Ingredient for Optimum Heart

Both the petals and the seeds of the medicinal herb Sunflower are typically subjected to advanced extraction procedures for purposes of developing health supplement ingredients. In one recent study, however, experts have found that the use of Sunflower flower extract in health supplement formulations is advantageous in many aspects. Sunflower flower extract yields high amounts of nutrients such as Vitamin E, Calcium and Magnesium which are essential not only for bone health but also for the regulation of many other bodily processes. The extract is also said to contain necessary compounds which help prevent rapid growth and development of suspected cancer cells, thereby preventing metastatis and spread of cancer. Many experts are considering Sunflower flower extract as one of the most efficient health supplement ingredients of the modern generation.

What is Sunflower flower extract?

Sunflower flower extract is derived from the petals of Sunflower plant. While most health supplement formulations contain Sunflower seed extract, experts have recently discovered that the petals of the Sunflower plant may yield similar amounts of vitamins and minerals, along with other essential compounds for better health. Among the greatest advantages of taking Sunflower flower extract is that it improves eye sight especially among elderly individuals who are suffering from blurring vision due to the ordinary process of wear and tear. While many health claims on the benefits of Sunflower flower extract are arising with the completion of clinical studies, most of these claims are still subject to qualitative researches to fully establish their effects among individuals.

What are the benefits of using Sunflower flower extract?

Taking Sunflower flower extract health supplements provide a wide range of health benefits, especially when taken in a long-term basis. The following are the benefits of using Sunflower flower extract:

  1. It may improve digestion

The compounds present in Sunflower flower extract are believed to help improve digestion, similar to that of Sunflower seed extract. Improved digestion results to enhanced metabolism and absorption of nutrients in the small intestines. Studies also show that Sunflower flower extract supplementation may help prevent digestive system illnesses.

  1. It may help prevent cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular conditions brought about by changes in blood component and deficiencies of minerals for cardiac contractility may also be prevented and controlled with Sunflower flower extract supplementation, according to latest researches. Specific effects of Sunflower flower extract in the heart are not, however, fully known.

  1. It enhances skin moisture

Sunflower flower extract is also used in some cosmetic products as it enhances skin moisture and prevents dryness. When taken through health supplements, experts say that Sunflower flower extract enhances skin moisture for long periods of time.


Sunflower flower extract is very useful in enhancing skin, eye and cardiovascular health. Many studies are currently being completed to prove the other health benefits of using the extract.

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