Tall Gastrodia tuber: Full-packed Health Supplement Ingredient

Tall Gastrodia tuber

Tall Gastrodia tuber: Full-packed Health Supplement Ingredient

Classified in as early as 100 A.D. in traditional Chinese medicine as a superior herb, Tall Gastrodia tuber is fast-rising in the field of health supplement manufacture as one of the most essential ingredients for optimum health. Tall Gastrodia tuber is typically taken from an orchid-type plant known as Gastrodia elata. Although proven very effective for many health purposes, issues on the use of the tuber has risen in the past few decades due to the status of its plant source as an endangered species. Modern researchers are now conducting several agricultural studies to determine ways on how to preserve Gastrodia elata in order to maintain regular sources for development of health supplements containing relative amounts of Tall Gastrodia tuber.

What is Tall Gastrodia tuber?

Tall Gastrodia tuber is a health supplement ingredient known to contain high amounts of nutrients necessary for regulation of various bodily processes including liver function. The tuber has a sweet taste and is usually cultivated in various regions across China. It is a very rich source for phenolic compounds, polysaccharides and alkaloids which effectively work hand in hand in the promotion of better health. Some laboratory sites isolate independent compounds found in Tall Gastrodia tuber and include them individually in several health supplement ingredients but most experts say that using Tall Gastrodia tuber as a component is more ideal for health supplement production. Since the tuber is edible, there are no risks associated with use of Tall Gastrodia tuber, although some of its claimed health benefits are not yet fully proven.

Health benefits of using Tall Gastrodia tuber

Health supplements with Tall Gastrodia tuber provide many other health benefits, as observed under quantitative studies conducted on both animal and human subjects. The following are some of the known health benefits of using Tall Gastrodia tuber:

  1. It helps prevent Vascular Dementia

Vascular Dementia is a cognitive disorder which is typically irreversible and not preventable. Studies show, however, that Tall Gastrodia tuber supplementation can help prevent Vascular Dementia as the tuber contains compounds which help promote brain health. Tall Gastrodia tuber is also said to be useful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive disorders.

  1. It may prevent insomnia

Tall Gastrodia tuber also helps enhance relaxation and reduce production of stress hormones, thereby promoting better rest and treating insomnia. Many insomnia patients who have undergone Tall Gastrodia tuber therapy have found relief within a few doses.

  1. It may treat headaches

Headaches brought about by stress and tension are also said to be treated and prevented with Tall Gastrodia tuber supplementation. The compound, however, is not intended to replace rapid-acting medications in headache treatment.


Filled with nutrients for better health, there is no doubt that Tall Gastrodia tuber is a very good health supplement ingredient. It can be used by individuals of all ages.

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