Taraxacum mongolicum extract: A Cancer-fighting Weight Loss Agent

Taraxacum mongolicum extract

Taraxacum mongolicum extract: A Cancer-fighting Weight Loss Agent

There are limited human-subject studies on the effects of the Dandelion plant or Taraxacum mongolicum extract in the body but many individual quantitative researches show that supplementation of the extract is quite ideal for better health. Taraxacum mongolicum extract is widely used in the field of alternative medicine as it is observed to help increase urine production, thereby preventing edema, and decrease swelling or inflammation. Some studies also show that the antioxidant compounds isolated from Taraxacum mongolicum extract are very helpful in preventing cancer through effective detoxification pathways. When included with other antioxidant-filled herbal extract, experts say that Taraxacum mongolicum extract may be included as among the most effective preventive measures for various forms of cancers. The use of Taraxacum mongolicum extract is generally safe when taken within recommended doses but overdose of the extract may result to side effects and some adverse body reactions.

What is Taraxacum mongolicum extract?

Taraxacum mongolicum extract, also known as Dandelion extract, is an herbal extract used in the field of alternative medicine for a long period of time. Both the roots and the above ground parts of the plant are used in medicine as they yield high amounts of essential compounds for health and wellness enhancement. Taraxacum mongolicum extract is used mostly in treating loss of appetite as it is shown to increase production of enzymes and hormones responsible for appetite enhancement. It is also effective as a laxative agent, thereby enhancing passage of stool in the gastrointestinal tract. In the culinary field, Taraxacum mongolicum extract is also used in herbal teas and soups. Some experts in culinary also use Taraxacum mongolicum roots as an alternative for coffee. The cancer-preventing effects of Taraxacum mongolicum extract is primarily the subject of most health studies in the modern generation.

What are the benefits of using Taraxacum mongolicum extract?

There are many reasons why modern experts advise individuals to take relative amounts of Taraxacum mongolicum extract. The following are among the advantages of using the extract:

  1. It may help treat anemia

Anemia is a blood condition which is characterized by decreased oxygenation in the distal portions of the body. Experts say that Taraxacum mongolicum extract may help treat the condition, thereby enhancing circulation of blood and preventing risks of decreased blood flow.

  1. It may promote weight loss

The compounds in Taraxacum mongolicum extract are also shown to have similar effects as that of popular anti-obesity drugs. It is shown to increase production of pancreatic lipase, as shown in modern health studies.

  1. It helps lower cholesterol

Increased cholesterol levels may also be controlled with Taraxacum mongolicum extract supplementation, as found in some studies. This means that the extract may be helpful in preventing cardiovascular conditions.


Taraxacum mongolicum extract must be taken by adults for purposes of enhanced overall well-being. It must be taken only within regulated doses to avoid side effects. Manufacturers must also purchase Taraxacum mongolicum extract only with legitimate suppliers like Nutriavenue.com to ensure purity and efficiency of supplement ingredients.

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