Taurine: An Athletic Performance Booster


Taurine: An Athletic Performance Booster

Teenagers are so much involved with strenuous activities which they needed more energy to continue  while adults find energy supplements to continue their stressful jobs. The products we consume daily has also some effects on the body and it depends on how the body accepts it. We usually buy energy drinks to regain the lost energy and find supplements to regain the glow and youthfulness for it is believed that Taurine supplementation can improve athletic performance. Taurine is utilized by the body during exercise and in time of stress so it is now a famous ingredient in energy drinks. But are these really effective and safe?  Can we really have health benefits from these products? What can taurine do to our body?

 What is Taurine?

Taurine is an amino acid that is a necessity on the building block of proteins and can act as neurotransmitter.  It is present on the mammalian tissues and also the best source of it is from meat proteins, fish, seafood  and eggs which serves as a dietary supplement. It supports neurological development and has antioxidant properties . High concentrations of taurine are found in the brain,heart and retina, whereas smaller amounts are found in the kidneys, intestine and skeletal muscle.

 Here are the health benefits we can have from Taurine:

  • Taurine lowers arterial pressure by extension of diuresis and by vasodilatation or widening of blood vessels  which results from the relaxation of smooth musclecells and functions  to increase blood flow in the body to tissues that need it most.
  • Best known to empower bile acids to remove cholesterol from the body. The higher the taurine availability, the more that it enhances the proportion of taurine-conjugated bile acids in bile
  • Taurine is found in excitable tissues in which congestive heart failure responds to taurine therapy. Taurine promotes natriuresis which is a sodium excretion and diureses,a urine excretion.
  • Taurine is extra ordinarily active in brain receptors that it is  working deep inside the brain, in the “regulatory” area of the thalamus, interacting with neurotransmitters in which the thalamus is involved in sleep/wake cycle pathways in the brain and other activities
  • Taurine supplementation can lower anxiety in stress-producing situations, thereby allowing for greater work output and performance- low taurine mean over responsive to stress

What is the recommended and safe dosage for Taurine? 

Though a lot of benefits are being presented, there are  studies that say taurine has side effects when it is combined with others like caffeine, inositol. Too much caffeine can increase heart rate and blood pressure, and can cause nervousness and irritability.So, it is still best to observe the response of the body and have consultation with a doctor before taking a dose.Too much taurine can also cause bipolar disorder worse.Also, there is 20 mg to 2,000 mg of taurine in most 16-ounce energy drinks in which people are not aware enough about its content. For average people, 100-500 mg a day of supplemental taurine is regarded as safe for any excess taurine is excreted by the kidneys. Taurine is is just fine in small dose just remember what they always say, take things in moderation, not too much not too less.

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