Spilling the Beans of Taurine: Amino Acid for Good Health


Spilling the Beans of Taurine: Amino Acid for Good Health

 Knowing Taurine Better

Have you experienced imbalance in your health especially in your eyes, blood circulation, brain and retina? You might have experienced visiting the doctor and since you can’t see any changes, you did your own experimentation by taking in different kinds of medicine just to find out its effectiveness. Were the doctors and your own experimentation correct?  It could be that your body lacks something. Taurine might be the supplement that your body needs.

What is Taurine? Taurine is an amino sulfonic acid, but it is often known as an amino acid, a chemical that is necessary in building protein. To widen your horizon to what Taurine is and where does it come from, let’s discuss further. It is a major content of bile and is present in the large intestine, and a total of up to 0.1% of total human body weight. Don’t you know that Taurine is found in every mammal, breast milk and fish? Yes, Taurine is found in every mammal including us, Taurine is found in our brain, retina and blood cells called platelets. Taurine is maximized by these body parts in order to function well. But, Taurine is not always present in our body because these parts cannot produce it well especially among infants since their bodies are incapable of making Taurine, same as through with people who are fed through the tube and finally, if people are engaged in an extreme physical activity. This may cause Taurine deficiency. That is why most energy or power drinks are composed of Taurine: to aid in athletic performance. Example of this is the drink Red Bull which can be found worldwide and other cocaine energy, fitness and sports drinks.

The Efficacy of Taurine

  • Taurine is helpful in maintaining the blood pressure of an adult. Taurine reduces hypertension and could also help people with heart failure for it helps in increasing the force and the effectiveness of heart-muscle contractions.
  • Taurine is also an antioxidant which protects the body from lead and cadmium. Supplementation of Taurine can also prevent oxidative stresses which are due to exercise.
  • Dietary Taurine can induce cholesterol among adults as it helps in burning fats. It also serves as a dietary supplement to people who have epilepsy and uncontrollable facial twitches since it helps in the movement of potassium, sodium and calcium.
  • Taurine is also effective in improving the brain function and vision as long as zinc is present. Taurine eye drops are also manufactured for convenience.

Side-effects of Taurine

According to the researchers, Taurine has no side effects because every excess are brought out by the kidneys. In short, it is safe to take it regardless of the dosage. But that doesn’t mean that you can take Taurine as much as you want, you still need to have extra care by taking the exact amount that is needed by the body. Or, it is best to ask the help of your physician in order to ensure that you are in the right tract.

Safe Dosage of Taurine

The recommended dosage of Taurine should be less than 3,000 mg per day. Considering this dosage, it enables the body to function well yet the excess will be excreted through the kidneys. And if you are taking other Taurine supplements or consuming energy drinks, be cautious by reading the content of the labels for you might be taking too much taurine. There could be dangers in excessively drinking energy drinks. Taurine supplements can be bought in any pharmacy that sells the product. So what are you waiting for? Allow your body to function better through the use of Taurine as your supplement!

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