The Anabolic Herb–Ursolic Acid

Ursolic Acid

The Anabolic Herb–Ursolic Acid

What is Ursolic Acid?

Ursolic Acid is chemically known as Merotaine and commonly called also as Urson, Prunol, Micromerol and Malol. It is an active compound found in plants and herbs specifically Holy Basil, Bilberry, Devil’s claw, Peppermint leaves, periwinkle, lavender, oregano and hawthorne and it was proven to be medically non-toxic leading to its rise in the market as a health solution. Nowadays, due to a lot of testing done, it was proven to be a good supplement for muscle and weight loss and comes as herb extract like rosemary. Furthermore, contributes to the wax-like coating of some fruits like apple, prunes, pears and others.

What are the benefits of Ursolic Acid?

a) As supplements:

1. For muscle growth- due to its effect on the molecular pathways, it has the ability to prevent muscle loss and weakness

2. Furthermore, it was found out to be an herbal anabolic for it is effective for muscle growth without any weight increase.

3. It increases bone formation activity by exciting osteoblast differentiation.

4. Weight loss- It increases  brown fat (tissue that dissipates energy by generating  heat rather than fats) making it a potential weight loss supplement especially to obese people and was even tagged  as excess fat fighter.

5. Moreover, in a study done, it shows that Ursolic acid has the ability to make someone attain a good shape, lower blood glucose level and even cholesterol.

6. Increases skeletal muscle Akt activity and exercise capacity

7. Anti-aging- it has the ability to restore collagen making the skin smooth, elastic and resilient.

b)As medicine:

1. Anti-bacterial making it suitable to be used as emulsifier in cosmetic preparation

2. Anti-fungal for it impedes candida growth (yeast-like fungi)

3. Anti-inflammatory for it is used to relieve pain due to burn

4. Anti-cancer for it has chemo-preventive properties in which it subdues tumor formation and further helps the cancer patients for it lessens chemo-resistance.

5. Diabetes treatment – Ursolic Acid comes from traditional medicine and herb for diabetes

6. Possible treatment of chronic diseases

7. Further studies are also coming out stating that it can be a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease for it was found out that it has the ability to block Aβ-CD36 interactions

8. Has hepatoprotective properties or the ability to prevent liver damage

9. Maintains healthy blood sugar levels.

What is the recommended Dosage?

There is no recommended dosage yet for this product for there are no provided researches for human testing yet but there are a lot of ongoing researches.

What are the Side effects?

Based on pre-clinical studies, it can cause infertility and DNA damage but not yet proven.

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