The Ancient treat Liver Health compound: Gentian extract

Gentian extract

The Ancient treat Liver Health compound: Gentian extract

Long before the existence of any health supplement, an Illyrian king named Gentius has discovered an essential herb which promotes liver function and cures several bodily symptoms. The herb was later named as Gentian, attributing its discovery to the great king. Around 2000 years later, medical studies lead by modern scientists are being conducted to establish with certainly the claimed benefits of Gentian extract. Backed with a long history of medical use and several animal-subject studies initiated since the development of modern extraction procedures, Gentian extract is fast rising as one of the classic herbs for long term vitality.

What is Gentian extract?

Gentian extract is commonly taken from the roots and bark of the Gentian herb since the compounds responsible for its health effects are found in concentrated amounts in these parts. Gentian is used not only in medicine formulations but also in the manufacture of food and beverages. Some cosmetic products also contain Gentian extract as the substance is known to promote skin health when applied topically. Most of the health effects of Gentian extract are related to the promotion of normal digestive function. Some experts also say that the extract may also contribute to cancer prevention.

Benefits of Gentian extract use

Gentian herb medications in the forms of teas provide a lot of health benefits to the body but health supplement formulations, as explained by scientists, yield the best results. Gentian extract is said to provide the following health benefits:

  • It enhances liver function

The liver is an accessory digestive organ responsible for the production of bile which breaks down fats. It also plays a role in the breakdown of proteins and carbohydrates as well as in the metabolism of medications. In a study conducted by experts, it was found that Gentian extract may help enhance liver function improving liver cell regeneration rate and promoting bill flow. It also protects the liver from damage brought about by the use of hepatotoxic drugs and alcohol abuse.

  • It protects the kidneys

A significant finding on Gentian extract which stirred interest among experts is the claim that it may protect the kidneys from damage brought about by various factors. The kidneys, as the main harmful substances-eliminating organ, are the most difficult structures to protect. In a study, however, it was found that Gentian extract helps protect the kidneys by aiding in toxic waste elimination and preventing urinary tract infections. Further studies are now being conducted to find out the exact role of Gentian extract in kidney protection.

  • It may reduce blood pressure

In a phytochemical study, experts were able to isolate a chemical in Gentian extract which can promote vasodilation and reduce blood pressure. Since the compound is not yet stable, however, it is not yet being used in the formulation of antihypertensive drugs.


Gentian extract promotes body wellness in many ways but it is most significant for its digestive health benefits. Since it is naturally derived, it is considered safe for adult users.

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