The Antidepressant Medication: Hypericiane extract

Hypericiane extract

The Antidepressant Medication: Hypericiane extract

Most prescription medications for depression primarily work by Increasing SerotoninLevels in theBrain,thereby enhancing the patient’s mood. Hypericiane extract, a prescription drug for depression, although functioning like all other antidepressants, is one-of-a-kind as it benefits the body is so many other ways. Being a product of natural processes of extraction, Hypericiane extract is known to be associated with very few side effects. Experts say that as long as the drug is taken by adults not diagnosed with severe underlying conditions within doctor-recommended doses, health supplements with Hypericiane extract are completely safe.

What is Hypericiane extract?

Hypericiane extract, also known as hypericin or hypericum, is among the active ingredients of the medicinal plant St. John’s wort. With its well-established pharmacodynamics Effects on Depression, Hypericiane extract has become a prescription drug for the condition and is currently being used in the formulation of medications for several mood-associated disorders. The other health benefits of using St. John’s Wort is said to be linked mainly with the plant’s Hypericiane extract content. Although generally safe, caution is being raised for patients using Hypericiane extract as it can cause drug interactions with various medications.

What are the benefits of using Hypericiane extract?

A lot of conditions associated with mood other than depression are also controlled with Hypericiane extract health supplements. Although the exact mechanisms of action of the extract in terms of benefits other than depression are not fully established due to lack of human subject studies, numerous experts are fully convinced with the product’s efficiency. Some of the benefits of using Hypericiane extract are the following:

  1. It treats anxiety and stress

The parasympathetic nervous system activation with Hypericiane extract use is believed to treat off anxiety and stress among patients experiencing symptoms associated with the conditions. This is theorized to be brought about by the ability of the extract to maintain homeostasis in neurotransmitter production in the brain. Conditions such as trouble in sleeping or insomnia and loss of appetite are also shown to be relieved with Hypericiane extract use.

  1. It may relieve withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking

Patients who have been smoking for a very long period of time experience difficulties in quitting the unhealthy habit due to the development of stressful withdrawal symptoms such as restlessness, hallucinations and drooling. In a German study conducted on Hypericiane extract, it was found that the compound may help relieve smoking-associated withdrawal symptoms among actual human subjects. There is, however, very little scientific understanding to this effect.

  1. It may help patients with PMS

PMS or Pre-menstrual syndrome is a condition characterized by symptoms associated with imbalances on female hormone production. Some symptoms of PMS include tiredness, myalgia, and mood swings. Studies show that taking health supplements containing Hypericiane extract may help reduce PMS symptoms as the drug helps balance hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain.


Since most of the health benefits of using Hypericiane extract are associated with hormone and neurotransmitter balance, it is prohibited for use among lactating and pregnant women, as well as individuals with severe debilitating disorders. For adults, however, is extremely beneficial.

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