The Antioxidant Compound Genistein and its Benefits


The Antioxidant Compound Genistein and its Benefits

The isoflavone Genistein became a controversial health supplement compound just after it rose into popularity in the recent years. While some experts claim that Genistein has potential cancer-fighting abilities, some others say that it does otherwise. In an attempt to find the answers and resolve the matter to its very root, a group of scientists have conducted a study to determine to effects of Genistein in growing cancer cells. The research ended with a conclusion that the compound readily inhibits cancer cell growth and can be very beneficial to cancer patients but long-term use and use in higher doses may cause some adverse effects. Today, experts say that as long as Genistein is included in health supplement formulations within controlled doses, it can become a very useful antioxidant.

What is Genistein?

Genistein is a phytoestrogen isoflavone first isolated in the 1899. It is abundant in various food sources such as soybeans, fava beans and psoralea. In a recent study, it was also discovered that the compound Genistein is also abundant in various forms of coffee. Although not yet established as an isolated compound in the early days, food sources of Genistein have been long associated in the treatment of several diseases. It is believed that majority of the health benefits of these food sources, especially soybeans, are made possible by their Genistein contents.

What are the benefits of Genistein?

Just like Daidzein, the other compound found in soybeans, Genistein can lead to overall body wellness in various ways. The following are some of the benefits of using Genistein:

  1. It Controls Cancer Cell growth

There are two ways on how Genistein controls cancer cell growth, as explained in a certain study. The first method is that it inhibits tyrosine kinase production. Tyrosine kinase is an enzyme naturally produced by the body, responsible for various forms of cell growth. By inhibiting the production of tyrosine kinase, cancer cell growth can be controlled and inhibited. Genistein also works as an antioxidant by eliminating circulating free radicals which damage normal cells and cause gene mutations. The compound, however, is particularly effective against hormone-associated cancers.

  1. It may Control Atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis is a dangerous disease which can lead to a lot of complicated symptoms. It is characterized by the accumulation of fatty plaques in the walls of the blood vessels.  Certain studies say that Genistein helps modulate blood vessel vascular inflammation, which, when not modulated, can lead to plaque formation.

  1. It treats hormone-associated disorders

Estrogen is a female hormone responsible for a lot of activities in a woman’s body. Although it reduces with age, maintaining its normal levels is important for optimal health. Genistein works to mimic the effects of Estrogen in the body. These results to the reduction of heart ailment development, osteoporosis and  other disorders common to women.


While Genistein may be found in various food sources, taking genistein-containing supplements is advantageous for maximum results. It is, however, important for patients with underlying metabolic diseases to seek medical consultation prior to use.

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