Artificial Sweetener Sucralose Powder: Benefits More Than Risks

artificial sweetener Sucralose powder

Artificial Sweetener Sucralose Powder: Benefits More Than Risks

The low-calorie artificial sweetener Sucralose powder has been going through some rough times in the recent years as controversies regarding its safety spreads throughout the world through internet publications. While many side effects and adverse effects associated with long-term use of the compound in high doses is undeniable, experts say that within limited doses for short periods of time, the health benefits of the drug may outweigh side effects. Despite the unreliable assumptions as to the dangers of using Sucralose, the compound continues to be a primary replacement for sugar among patients suffering from several metabolic conditions such as Diabetes Mellitus under various trade names and is also included in formulations of several pharmaceutical products.

When it comes to artificial sweeteners, Stevia stands as a commendable companion to Sucralose. Derived from a plant native to South America, Stevia is a zero-calorie sweetener that is frequently praised for being a natural and healthier alternative. Understanding sucralose vs stevia and the difference between them is essential in making healthy choices while satisfying your sweet tooth.

What Is Sucralose?

The compound Sucralose is a sugar substitute known to be sweeter by up to 320 to 1000 times as that of its parent compound Sucrose. Compared to several other artificial sweeteners, Sucralose powder has become a hit in the modern generation as it is superior in terms of taste, shelf life and stability. The compound was first discovered in 1976 and has then been used as a non-nutritive sugar substitute. In 2006, the use of the compound for various purposes including health supplement formulations and food industry purposes has been approved by the United States Food and Drug Association.

Health benefits Of Sucralose Powder

Replacing ordinary sugar with substitutes like Sucralose powder is very helpful to make food taste better among patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Studies show, however, that even individuals with fully functional metabolic processes may benefit from using the compound in the following manner:

  • It is calorie free.

Controlling caloric intake helps prevent weight gain and the development of certain conditions associated with unhealthy lifestyle such as atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular conditions. Sucralose provides the body with adequate sources of sweeteners but do not add up to caloric intake as it is calorie free. Intake of foods with Sucralose does not result to the development of fatty plaques in the blood vessels or in the body tissues.

  • It prevents tooth decay associated with sugar.

Unlike ordinary sugar eaten by microorganisms which result to the development of tooth decay, sucralose is not broken down by bacteria in the mouth. Experts say that individuals taking Sucralose in lieu of ordinary sugar have lesser risks for developing cavities and other oral conditions.

  • It may have laxative effects.

The compound Sucralose powder is classified as “calorie-free” as it passes through the gastrointestinal tract without being absorbed. As an effect, it may cause softening of the stool and better elimination. There are, however, very limited resources as to the claim that the compound may have potential laxative effects.


Sucralose powder is now used to develop several food products, including beverages, sweet sauces, and bread. As long as taken in low doses, Sucralose is said to be generally safe, and it is available on Nutri Avenue, an FDA-registered supplement ingredients supplier.

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