The Bones’ Best friend: Glucosamine sulfate

Glucosamine sulfate

The Bones’ Best friend: Glucosamine sulfate

For purposes of cushioning and building up cartilage, the body naturally produces a significant chemical known as Glucosamine, a type of sugar. Glucosamine production is usually heightened during rapid growth and development phases of an individual’s life but as a person approaches the later stages of adulthood, the body no longer produces adequate amounts of Glucosamine. This leads to the development of bone-related conditions such as osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis. In order to prevent bone demineralization and loss of density, laboratory-prepared Glucosamine sulfate supplementation is essentially recommended among adults.

What is Glucosamine sulfate?

The term Glucosamine sulfate refers to either the naturally-occurring sugar compound or the synthetically-formulated chemical necessary for the maintenance of a healthy musculoskeletal environment. Laboratory-prepared Glucosamine sulfate is primarily isolated from shellfish and other food sources and is usually included in health supplement formulations for its proven safety and efficiency for human consumption. There are millions of individuals worldwide who are suffering from bone degeneration conditions but with the use of Glucosamine sulfate supplements, morbidity rate is expected to decrease.

How Glucosamine sulfate benefits the body?

Glucosamine sulfate supplementation is not necessarily associated with the introduction of a foreign compound in the human body. Experts say that the method is simply a way to increase Glucosamine sulfate reserves and prevent disease occurrences. Some of the benefits of using Glucosamine sulfate supplements are the following:

  • It may improve flexibility post-surgery

In a recently conducted study, experts have found that Glucosamine sulfate supplements can help improve flexibility among patients who have recently undergone surgeries involving the knees or the ankles. The compound helps improve cartilage formation while providing adequate cushion to joints and tissues. By maintaining overall bone health, Glucosamine sulfate is concluded to be effective for Faster Flexibility Recovery.

  • It controls musculoskeletal pain

Most types of mild and severe pains originate from musculoskeletal sources. Although these symptoms are typically treated with anti-inflammatory medications, physicians discourage frequent use of these drugs due to their proven nephrotoxicity and hepatotoxicity. In a certain study conducted to determine the efficiency of Glucosamine sulfate in controlling musculoskeletal pain, researchers have discovered that Glucosamine sulfate creams applied topically may help reduce arthritic pain sensation. With the inclusion of Glucosamine sulfate in oral health supplements, experts say that pain brought about by bone demineralization may now be controlled without synthetic anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • It may prevent rapid bone degeneration

Bone degeneration may lead to the development of various age-associated disorders such as osteoporosis, scoliosis and even jaw and knee pains. Studies show that Glucosamine sulfate supplementation may help prevent rapid bone degeneration by preventing bone chemical breakdown and promoting overall bone health.


Healthy Bones and Musclescontribute to better functionality and longevity. With Glucosamine sulfate, healthier musculoskeletal building block is no longer just a dream.

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