The Cognitive-Boost Effects of L-threonic Acid Magnesium Salt

L-threonic Acid Magnesium Salt

The Cognitive-Boost Effects of L-threonic Acid Magnesium Salt

Increasing bioavailability of the essential mineral magnesium through L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplementation has been shown to produce several health benefits affecting cognitive function and other bodily processes such as cellular growth and development.

Although magnesium supplementation is not necessarily a need among younger individuals with health metabolism cycles, experts say that elderly individuals and adults need to increase their magnesium levels as the mineral is not easily absorbed in the small intestines of aging persons.

L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplementation, according to physicians, has provided significant improvement in overall wellness among patients suffering from early signs of degenerative diseases.

What is L-threonic acid magnesium salt?

L-threonic acid magnesium salt is the more-bioavailable form of Magnesium developed recently at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is believed to meet the body’s daily Magnesium need without causing certain side effects.

The compound is formed by the combination of a Vitamin C-metabolite Threonic acid and the plain mineral magnesium.

Since the compound is formulated from natural vitamins and minerals necessary for maintaining bodily processes, its inclusion in health supplement formulations is not considered risky except among individuals who may be suffering from certain mineral adverse conditions.

Health benefits of using L-threonic acid magnesium salt

Widespread studies have been conducted to establish the health benefits of using L-threonic acid magnesium salt in health supplement formulations. Although the studies have not yet fully provided a clear picture as to how the compound works in the body, several health claims have already been proven with scientific certainty.

The following are some of the health benefits of using L-threonic acid magnesium salt:

  • It may promote hair growth

Magnesium plays a vital role in the growth and development as well as in the maturation of hair follicles to produce hair. While most cases of baldness are associated with genetic causes, experts say that some individuals lose hair because of lack of magnesium. Increasing magnesium through L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplementation is shown to improve hair growth not only among individuals with baldness due to mineral deficiency but also among those who are genetically bald.

  • It may improve sleep quality

Individuals suffering from insomnia are also shown to be treated with long-term L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplementation as the compound is believed to increase certain hormones and neurotransmitters responsible in stimulating sleep. An improvement in sleep quality through L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplements can help improve overall performance of an individual in the activities of daily living.

  • It may enhance cognitive function

In one study, it was provided that magnesium also forms part of the elements necessary for brain cell repair and nourishment. Increasing magnesium levels therefore improves brain cell function and cognition.


L-threonic acid magnesium salt, although newly formed, has health effects which have already been known for decades. As a baseline nutrient in bodily processes, L-threonic acid magnesium salt supplementation is indeed necessary.

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