The Cost-Effective Nicotine Replacement: Cytisine


The Cost-Effective Nicotine Replacement: Cytisine


Cytisine, as an organic compound, is somewhat toxic. To ensure safety, we regret to inform you that Nutri Avenue has decided to suspend the sale of this ingredient. Once there is the latest news, we will update you and tell you in time.

The following information is available for you who are interested in this ingredient to study and research. Nutri Avenue will also try our best to find the best cytisine alternatives for you. If you want to know more, please contact us.


Scientists and medical experts are currently spending so much time and effort in order to complete pharmacodynamics studies involving Cytisine, a compound claimed to help smokers quit smoking without associated withdrawal symptoms.

However, with the very short half-life of the compound, difficulties are being met when it comes to human subject studies as the drug is being eliminated by the body rapidly. In order to prolong bioavailability and the compound for its intended health benefits, manufacturers of various health supplements have already developed effective formulations to combine Cytisine with other bioavailability-prolonging compounds.

Cytisine Overview

It is a naturally-occurring alkaloid which has the same molecular structure as nicotine, the addictive toxic compound in cigarette smoke which causes withdrawal symptoms upon sudden cessation.

Scientists believe that its ability to promote smoking cessation is primarily brought about by its molecular structure. With the compound, the cells are lead to believe that he body has enough nicotine, when in fact, it has cytisine. The body then gradually gets rid of the remaining nicotine in the bloodstream and replaces it with cytisine. Unlike nicotine, the compound is not addictive.

Other health benefits of Cytisine

Not only is Cytisine beneficial in terms of health but it is also said to be financially beneficial. As compared to the synthetically-formulated smoking cessation drug, Varenicline, the plant-based alkaloid Cytisine is definitely a lot cheaper.

  • It may improve cognition.

Since the compound has almost the same molecular structure as nicotine, it is suggested to contribute to health benefits associated with nicotine. One of which is the improvement in cognitioin. Cytisine, like nicotine, may help stimulate acetylcholine production in the brain, leading to enhanced memory and learning abilities. It may also help prevent progression of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

  •  It may reduce depression.

Although only a few studies explored on the its effects in reducing depression, a lot of experts are convinced with the theories behind the claim. It may help control depression by stimulating the release of certain neurotransmitters essential for mood determination such as serotonin and acetylcholine. Actual human studies are not yet conducted to establish this claim.

  • It may protect neurons.

It is also suggested to have potentials in terms of protecting neurons from destruction brought about by an unhealthy brain environment and trauma. There is, however, no proof as to whether the compound may easily cross the blood brain barrier.


Cytisine is one of the most important discoveries of the modern generation, which can solve the problem of thousands of smokers worldwide. Intensive studies are nonetheless required to fully establish its efficiency and safety.

Therefore, considering this issue, Nutri Avenue has decided to stop selling this ingredient on our official website. We are so sorry to cause you inconvenience. You can still pick up other ingredients from us.

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