The Extract for General Health: Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberry Extract

The Extract for General Health: Wolfberry Extract

China offers a wide variety of compound which can be very useful in maintaining and enhancing overall health. Among the many berries acclaimed in traditional Chinese medicine which is also being used in the formulation of health supplements in the Western world is Wolfberry, or commonly known as Goji berries. Wolfberry extract has been an essential component of most medications used for various purposes over 2000 years ago. Today, Wolfberry extract is primarily being used for its antioxidant effects as well as its cholesterol-controlling benefits.

 What is Wolfberry extract?

Wolfberries are widely used in culinary fields for the production of wines and tonic soups. They are also sold in dried and herbal tea packages. In the medical field, Wolfberry extract is mainly included in health supplement formulations as it contains several macro and micronutrients. Due to lack of biological studies, the US FDA has not yet approved the inclusion of Wolfberry extract in the formulation of specific drugs for certain diseases.

What are the benefits of using Wolfberry extract?

Most studies on Wolfberry extract are only conducted on animal studies. Since these studies yield almost the same conclusions, however, a lot of health experts are fully convinced with the drug’s efficiency and safety. Some of the benefits of Wolfberry extract which are backed by several reliable studies are the following:

  • It has free radical scavenging properties

Free radicals are toxic compounds which have accumulated in the body due to failure of the organ systems to eliminate them naturally. When free radicals lodge into body cells, they cause mutations in the genetic structure of the DNA, leading to unusual growth which in turn results to cancer. Studies show that the antioxidant content of Wolfberry extract can help eliminate free radicals as it has scavenging properties. The elimination of circulating free radicals then leads to the prevention of cancer cell formation.

  • It protects the cardiovascular system

Antioxidants eliminate not only free radicals in cells but also fat accumulations in the arteries and veins of the cardiovascular system. With the removal of fatty plaques, cardiovascular disorders like coronary artery disease and vascular occlusion conditions may be prevented. Wolfberry extract is also shown to reduce a person’s risk for myocardial infarction.

  • It may promote sleep

In a study involving patients with insomnia, it was concluded that human subjects who have taken Wolfberry extract supplements have improved their sleeping pattern as compared to those who took placebo drugs. There is very little understanding in the scientific world as to how this happens.

  • It may prevent eye disorders

Eye disorders associated with free radicals accumulation such as cataracts and visual impairment are also said to be prevented through efficient toxic chemical elimination by Wolfberry extract. There is not showing, however, on the effects of Wolfberry extract in other eye disorders such as glaucoma.


The many nutrients found in Wolfberry extract can help promote overall health and wellness in various ways. Aside from eating Wolfberries, it is advisable to take Wolfberry extract supplements to enjoy health benefits to the maximum.

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