The Healing Wonders of the Citrus Flavanone Hesperidin


The Healing Wonders of the Citrus Flavanone Hesperidin

Possibly surpassing most flavonoid compounds in terms of health benefit contributions for its unique neuron protection capabilities is the bioflavonoid concentrate Hesperidin. Even before the development of advanced methods for treatment of various disorders, experts in the medieval times have been developing medications from citrus peels and extract. Among the compounds believed to have contributed to the efficiency of early citrus extract medications is Hesperidin. The isolation of Hesperidin has led to the discovery of its many health benefits, including blood vessels conditions treatment and fluid retention cure in cases of post-operative breast surgeries.


What is Hesperidin?                                    

Hesperidin is ordinarily classified as a citrus bioflavonoid whose effects are synergized or made more efficient when combined with other flavones. It was first isolated in 1828 and was established to be one of the factors contributing to the ability of plants to defend themselves against pathogens. The compound Hesperidin is also the parent compound for the development of daughter compounds hesperetin and rutinose which are also established to promote overall wellness in several ways. Further studies are being conducted on Hesperidin to fully understand its mechanisms of action and establish its absolute safety for human consumption.

What are the benefits of using Hesperidin?

Key evidences have been developed over the years to prove the efficiency of Hesperidin in treating certain disorders and promoting wellness as a whole. Some of the known benefits of using the compound are the following:

  1. It may help treat poor circulation

A lot of factors may contribute to the development of conditions associated with poor circulation like Chronic Venous Insufficiency or CVI. In a 2007 study published in International Anthropology, the compound Hesperidin has been included as among the efficient supplements which may help treat poor circulation in cases of CVI and hemorrhoids. Experts say that the compound helps promote return of blood towards the heart, as well as the circulation of oxygenated blood to the distal portions of the body such as the hands and legs. The exact pharmacodynamics explanation to this effect, however, is not yet fully established.

  1. It helps treat post-menopausal osteoporosis

Osteoporosis commonly develops among post-menopausal women due to the changes in hormonal balance which eventually results to bone demineralization. Certain studies have shown that the compound Hesperidin helps maintain bone mass and prevent demineralization by preserving calcium and phosphorus minerals within bone cells and preventing their breakdown. Physician’s say however that individuals in the advanced stages of osteoporosis may not necessarily benefit from Hesperidin supplementation.

  1. It helps control cholesterol levels

When combined with Vitamin E, as provided in a 2001 study, the supplement Hesperidin may also control blood Cholesterol levels, leading to the prevention of several Cardiovascular system-associated disorders like atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis and even ischemia. Experts say that taking the supplement during the middle-adulthood age is best for purposes of preventing cholesterol-linked diseases.


The study concerning the neuro-protective effects of Hesperidin is still under deliberations as more studies establish positive results. Today, experts are thrilled to find out more on Hesperidin as more researches say that the compound is also effective in preventing breast cancer and other cancer types.

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