The Healthy “hen of the woods” Mushroom: Maitake mushroom extract

Maitake mushroom extract

The Healthy “hen of the woods” Mushroom: Maitake mushroom extract

More popularly known in various regions as “the hen of the woods”, Maitake mushroom is a prime ingredient in both culinary and medical fields. Although the mushroom is not as popular as other fungus of the same category, it is currently gaining interest in the field of medical science for its newly-discovered effects in enhancing overall health. The use of Maitake mushroom extract has long been recorded in ancient writings across Japan and North American regions but the scientific bases for its health benefits are only being established in the modern days. Several health supplement brands now include Maitake mushroom extract not only for its proven efficiency but also for its safety.

What is Maitake mushroom extract?

Maitake mushroom is characterized as a large mushroom with earthy taste. It is usually dried under the sun or through several procedures for purposes of inclusion in culinary delicacies. Advanced processes for extraction are also being conducted to isolate Maitake mushroom extract and its active components for purposes of health supplement formulations. The most important component of Maitake mushroom extract is a polysaccharide known as beta glucan. It also contains several phytonutrients which help control cancer cell growth and promote weight loss. Due to Maitake mushroom extract’s low-glycemic index, it is typically advised for use among patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus and other insulin-resistant conditions.

Health benefits of using Maitake mushroom extract

Individuals of all ages, except those who are suffering from allergic reactions with mushrooms, are shown to benefit with Maitake mushroom extract supplementation. Specifically, the following are benefits which can be enjoyed with Maitake mushroom extract use:

  • It may enhance cardiovascular health

The heart is one of the direct beneficiaries of Maitake mushroom extract use as the active components of the extract are proven to reduce lipid levels which increase blood viscosity and risk for cardiovascular diseases. A certain study has also revealed that Maitake mushroom extract may help reduce blood pressure levels by preventing vasoconstriction.

  1. It helps in blood sugar management

Glucose level management among patients suffering from Diabetes Mellitus is a very important component of the treatment regimen. There are several methods of controlling blood sugar levels but one of the most effective ways, as shown in various researches, is Maitake mushroom extract supplementation. Maitake mushroom extract is also shown to reduce insulin resistance to facilitate entry of glucose in body cells.

  • It may control cancer

Cancer is not yet curable but it can be prevented and controlled with Maitake mushroom extract supplementation, according to studies. Maitake mushroom extract effectively enhances apoptosis among cancer cells while preventing occurrences of unlikely chemotherapy side effects such as nausea and hair loss.


Among the newest advances in the use of fungus for medical purposes is the discovery of Maitake mushroom extract. Not only is it useful for individuals diagnosed with certain conditions but it is also efficient for healthy persons.

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