The Heart of the Living Cells: (PS) Phosphatidy-lethanolamine

(PS) Phosphatidy-lethanolamine

The Heart of the Living Cells: (PS) Phosphatidy-lethanolamine

Abundantly isolated as one of the prime components of sunflower lecithin is Phosphatidylethanolamine, a compound which plays a major role as a building block for several bodily membranes including brain and liver tissues. Also known as PE, the compound Phosphatidylethanolamine is believed to be among the most important phospholipids in living cells, as it makes up almost 25% of all phospholipids in a human’s body.

Being a building block phospholipid, the degeneration of Phosphatidylethanolamine levels in the body has long been linked to the development of various disorders such as nervous system failure, cardiovascular myopathies and even liver destruction. Phosphatidylethanolamine usually reduces during the elderly stage, although its rapid decline can be prevented through early supplementation.


What is Phosphatidylethanolamine?

The compound Phosphatidylethanolamine, also known as cephalin, is a naturally-occurring substance among both plants and animals. Majority of human anatomies are composed of phospholipids, among which is Phosphatidylethanolamine. Dietary sources for the compound may be sufficient to meet a young person’s daily phospholipid needs but among individuals in the early adulthood to elderly stage, eating foods rich in Phosphatidylethanolamine may not be enough to sustain bodily needs. The need for supplementation of the compound is absolutely necessary not only to prevent development of several phospholipid-associated disorders but also to promote vitality and longevity.

What are the health benefits of using Phosphatidylethanolamine?

Even before the development of neuron disorders and cardiovascular problems, Phosphatidylethanolamine levels in the body must be maintained through regular intake of supplements containing the compound. Here are some of the benefits of adequate Phosphatidylethanolamine levels in the body:

1. It improves overall cognitive function

The nerve cells or neurons in the brain are primarily made of phospholipids like Phosphatidylethanolamine. Rapid reduction of PE levels in the body as a result of the ordinary process of wear and tear can lead to symptoms associated with slowed mentation which include memory loss, inability to focus, inability to learn new concepts and even mood changes. In a study recently conducted, experts found that Phosphatidylethanolamine supplementation can help improve overall cognitive function by maintaining adequate building block components and preventing rapid nerve cell degeneration.

2. It controls lipid levels

Changes in lipid levels increase a person’s risk to various lifestyle-linked disorders like atherosclerosis, arteriosclerosis, angina pectoris and Diabetes Mellitus Type II. By supplementing Phosphatidylethanolamine levels in the body, lipid levels can be lowered and maintained, resulting to the prevention of several serious medical conditions.

3. It enhances autophagy

Autophagy or the cellular process of eliminating harmed organelles to prevent cancer formation and cell death is also said to be enhanced with Phosphatidylethanolamine supplementation. The finding has been made in a study conducted by experts from countries including France and Austria but as of the moment, the claim requires more intensive researches.


The phospholipid that makes up almost all body tissues is none other than Phosphatidylethanolamine. By supplementing Phosphatidylethanolamine levels, not only will disorders be prevented by cell growth and development may also improve.

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