The Hormone-friendly Health Compound: Sclareol


The Hormone-friendly Health Compound: Sclareol

Perfect blends of essential oils can result not only to health and vitality but also to a better atmosphere and environment. There are several essential oils known for their effects on the human body but in terms of exquisite fragrance and relaxing aroma, Sclareol-containing essential oils definitely stand out. For decades, Sclareol has been used as fragrance for several products including cosmetics, perfumes and food flavorings. In 2007, however, experts discovered that the alcohol compound yields positive results in induced cell-death among cancer cells. Clinical researches involving Sclareol then began, leading to the discovery of several other health benefits associated with the use of the compound.

What is Sclareol?

The fragrant compound Sclareol is typically found in clary sage, a short-lived herbaceous plant widespread in the Mediterranean region. The plant clary sage has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of several hormonal disorders among both men and women. In a study conducted to determine the phytochemical components of clary sage, experts found that the plant contains Sclareol, which is most probably the compound responsible for the plant’s health effects. Today, Sclareol is included in health supplement formulations for its clinically-proven benefits.

Health benefits of using Sclareol

Most pharmacodynamic studies show that the role of Sclareol in the human body is primarily directed towards hormone balance regulation. Indirect benefits then result from Sclareol use which can either be curative or preventive in nature. Some of the health benefits of using Sclareol health supplements include the following:

  1. It improves mood

Mood is a result of interactions of both neurotransmitters produced by the brain and hormones produced by other parts of the body. Studies show that by improving hormonal balance, mood may directly improve with Sclareol use. The fragrance released by the compound also stimulates receptors in the brain, leading to improvement in neurotransmitter balance.

  1. It controls cancer cell growth

An effective combination of cancer cell growth-controlling elements in a health supplement can lead to effective prevention of the disease. Along with other compounds, Sclareol is shown to control cancer growth and development by inducing death of the cells during the early phases of enlargement. Subject to physician’s advice, the compound may also be used as a conjunctive treatment along with chemotherapy, radiation therapy or following surgery.

  1. It may improve metabolism

The claim that the compound may help improve metabolism is still under study but experts are already providing theories on how the compound may do so. Sclareol improves not only hormonal balance but also the development of enzymes in the body, including gastrointestinal and metabolism enzymes. This mechanism may result to improvement in metabolism and lead to effective weight loss and muscle development.


While most claims on Sclareol are premature for failure to state concrete evidences as to mechanisms of action, there are several studies which may support the claim. Sclareol is also considered safe and effective for adults.

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